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Random Recast: New Uses for Milk Jugs Round-Up

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In Random Recast, we find new uses for ordinary things. This week: Milk Jugs.

milk-jugsLindsey Boardman

Kids love playing dress-up, but if your little ones are more superhero and less princess, this DIY from the blog Filth Wizardry will definitely be appreciated. In it, genius crafter Lindsay utilizes the natural curvy shape of a milk jug to create a Batman-inspired mask. She simply draws on the mask, cuts it out using a craft knife and then paints the whole thing black. To get the masks to stay on, she adds a little loop of elastic in the back. You can check out the complete tutorial at Filth Wizardry.

This superhero mask isn't the only one you can whip up using milk jugs. Behold the stormtrooper helmet:

milk-jugsLindsey Boardman

Check out the full how-to for creating this stormtrooper mask on Filth Wizardry.

Missed this week's Random Recast? Here's a recap:

Day #4: Milk Jugs as Wall Garden Planters

milk-jugsAnja Geelen

Here, the handles of a few cut milk jugs are threaded onto a piece of wood, which is then attached to a fence. The result: A hanging garden that won't weigh down your fence. (In light of requests to know about the longevity of this display, I've gotten in touch with the creator of this project, a teacher who created this to teach her young students about plants. I'll let you know what she says.)

Day #3: Sculpted Flower Corsage

milk-jugsUrban Woodswalker, flickr

A few cut milk jugs become sculptural blooms that can be used for whimsical corsages or an Anthropologie-inspired centerpiece.

Day #2: Dog Toy

milk-jugsLynStarFC, flickr

This incredibly simple project will be a hit with your favorite pet. Just strip milk jugs of their plastic caps and bands, toss in a dog treat and give to Fido. For some reason, dogs just love to chew on milk jugs. It almost goes without saying that, like most toys, you'll want to keep an eye on the pup as he plays.

Day #1: Seedling Starter

milk-jugsvintagecat, flickr

To turn milk jugs into seedling starters, cut off the lid area and fill with soil. The high sides will create a greenhouse-like setting that'll nurture the teeny plants. And when it's time to transplant, the milk jugs' handles make it easy to take the plants to their new homes.

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Stay tuned for next week's Random Recast. What will the ordinary object be? You'll have to wait and see...


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