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Fridge Door Won't Close? Check Out This Tip

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What did I do when I discovered that my fridge door wouldn't stay closed? I called upon my handy readers for help. I found a solution that worked and didn't cost me anything.

fridge-doorFlickr user emsef, who has my dream fridge

Last week, I discovered that my fridge door wouldn't stay closed. I cleaned everything out, wiped down the gaskets and still, the fridge door would pop right open. I'd come home to find condensation all over the interior shelves and a puddle of water on the floor. Not good.

Since I'm in a rental, replacing the refrigerator wasn't an option. And while I could've just replaced the gasket around the fridge door, I wasn't feeling up to the task if I didn't absolutely have to do it.

So, I took to twitter (find me @DIYLife). Many readers walked me through some troubleshooting, making sure that the fridge door hadn't shifted (@DoverProjects) or that the gasket didn't have a hole in it (@simplifybysara).

But ultimately the winning solution came from @RichardDavies, who suggested that I close the door and use a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the gasket, so it reattaches to the frame. I went the hair dryer route (I'm still afraid of my heat gun) and focused the heat on the gasket troublespot for about 20 minutes. Then, I left the closed door alone and went on some errands. When I came back two hours later, the fridge door was functioning normally again.

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