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Yes You Can...Paint a Grill

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Make your old grill look new again with this under-the-radar product: High-temperature paint.

So, an ugly, banged-up, scratched and chipped grill hood won't have any impact on your BBQ fare. But if the state of your grill hood has been bothering you, there's an easy fix that you might not know about: High-temperature paint. It's frequently used for cars, stoves, fireplaces and yes, grills. Generally, the paints can withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees (making it OK for the exterior, but obviously not okay for interior grill components) and can be found at most hardware stores. Spray paint formulations dominate (though some brush-on varieties exist), since they reliably produce a glossy, smooth coat.

Though the painting process is a straight-forward one, there's one step not to forget before you paint the grill: Removing oxidation damage. Oxidation appears on the exterior elements of your grill as kind of a dull, ashy cast. Though it looks irreversible, you can get rid of it by simply washing down the grill exterior with dish soap and water. Then, you'll just scrub away any debris, apply a primer if desired and then spray on a few light coats of paint.

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