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Yes, Liza Minnelli Had a Yard Sale

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We're just as intrigued as you are that the legendary singer-actress did something as mundane as having a yard sale. But wait until you hear what was on offer...

yard-saleTheo Wargo, Getty Images / Alamy (photo illustration)

Were you in the market for Michael Jackson's epaulets? Then you should have been at Liza Minnelli's yard sale this past weekend in East Hampton, New York. Though it was probably a more flashy affair (after all, it was the Hamptons), we like to imagine that the scene resembled a typical yard sale like the photo above.

So, what was on offer aside from the King of Pop's epaulets? Couture clothing (sequined, we assume), furniture from her Lake Tahoe home and a book on hip replacement signed by her surgeon. Liza remarked on the latter, "You've got to keep on trucking, folks, keep on trucking!"

Our favorite part of this whole event wasn't that Joy Behar showed up (picking up some jewelry), but the fact that Liza placed a classified ad in the local paper, The East Hampton Star. Though it was a blind ad, this line gave it away: "Don't bother coming early, entertainers sleep in."

And so do we, Liza.

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  • Marie Elizabeth

    You would think that she could afford to donate these things to charity. Is she that hard up for cash or is she just plain stingy?

  • Hana

    It's her stuff, It's in her yard. I don't know what her motives are ... and it's none of my business ... or yours! ... But If I lived in that neighborhood, I'd love to go to her yard sale!

  • Gary

    I'm surprised this even made news, as we now live in the severest of the "dumbing down of
    American taste." Most young people don't even know who Liza is, much less her genius
    parents (Judy Garland/Vincente Minnelli). I mean, come on, didn't Britney Spears stub her
    toe - her BRAIN - last weekend? Let's keep things HIP!!

  • Hana

    Are Bloggers the single most miserable people on the face of the earth?

    *From the Editor: Actually we are mutants.

  • Hana

    My Mom went to a yard sale at Andy Griffith's house in Taluca Lake, Calif, sometime in the 70's, she did not see him there. She bought a lot of junk, including several books, in one of the books was a letter from Pat Boone, and in the letter it said, and I'll quote as best as I can remember ... "God will forgive you for what you've done" .... we wished there had been more details of what this meant. I do not know what happened to that letter, it was probably sold inside a book at one of my yard sales!

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