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220 Other Uses For Everything In Your Kitchen Cabinet

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From coffee grinds to vinegar, rethink everything you know about the kitchen staples in your cabinet with these 220 "other uses."

other-usesJessica Lucia, flickr

We all feel a little smarter when we remember that one weird tip for solving an every day problem. For me, the moment happened when a guest knocked over a bloody mary cocktail onto my new rug. Instead of panicking, I just got up and found a container of baby powder. After scraping up the bloody mary cocktail carnage, I sprinkled the stain with baby powder, let it dry and vacuumed the whole mess up. The carpet carries no trace of this event ever happening.

Where the tip came from, I have no idea. I assume it lodged itself into my subconscious after glancing at an article somewhere. But wherever it came from, I'm thankful. I'd like to return the favor to the internet with a few of my favorite other uses tips-lists (try saying that 5 times fast). We'll kick off the first of these mega-lists with the kitchen cabinet, a place that has tons of everyday items with tons of alternate uses. Ready? Let's go.

25 Other Uses For...Olive Oil

other-useskeoshi, flickr

My favorite: Using a dab of olive oil to un-stick a zipper. Here's 24 more via Curbly.

11 Other Uses For...Salt

My favorite: Use salt to clean up that egg you've accidentally dropped onto the floor. Here's 10 more other uses.

21 Other Uses For...Coffee Grounds

other-usesoberazzi, flickr

My favorite: Using coffee grounds as an exfoliant. (But I have to warn you that it can sting, so those with sensitive skin should skip that use.) Here's 20 more other uses.

9 Other Uses For...Cornstarch

other-usesSuzanne Long, flickr

My favorite: Homemade spray starch. Just mix a tablespoon of cornstarch with a pint of water and spray the wrinkled clothing in question. Here's 8 more other uses.

35 Other Uses For...Vinegar

other-uses For these tips, use plain white vinegar...not your fancy stuff. Photo: Sheila Ryan, flickr

My favorite: Soaking a shower head in white vinegar to remove limescale build-up. Here are 34 other uses.

15 Other Uses For....Tea

other-usesJon Hamblin, flickr

My favorite: Applying tea to razor burned skin to take the sting away. Here are 14 more other uses.

10 Other Uses For...Coffee Filters

other-usesVicky Sawyer, flickr

My favorite (other than these gorgeous roses made from coffee filters): Lining a pot with a coffee filter before filling with soil, to prevent excess dirt from coming out of the drainage hole. Here are 9 more other uses.

18 Other Uses For...Cooking Spray

other-usesandyburnfield, flickr

My favorite: Keep grass from sticking to lawnmower blades by spritzing them beforehand with cooking spray. Here are 17 more other uses.

6 Other Uses For...Ketchup

other-usesDrew Stephens, flickr

My favorite: Shining up tarnished metal. Just wipe the metal in question with ketchup, then buff off for a shiny finish. Here are 5 more other uses.

70 Other Uses For...Baking Soda

other-usesrowdykittens, flickr

My favorite: Brightening car headlights. Simply apply baking soda to a sponge, then use to scour off dirt. Here are 69 more other uses.

Do you have a favorite other use for something in your kitchen cabinet? Let us know in the comments.

  • Pam

    If you don't like to use smelly oven cleaners, put a layer of baking soda on the bottom of your oven . Any spills wipe up easily. Any grease that boils over and catches fire it will be extinguished.

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