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Yet Another Use for Vinegar: Vase Cleaner

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I was reading Lifehacker when I came upon this really great tip for yet another use for vinegar from commenter Kevster. My approach to cleaning the surplus of vases in my home will never be the same (or this exciting) again.

use-for-vinegarVincent Ma, flickr

As a DIY editor, I thought I heard every use for vinegar that you could possibly think of. (Smell remover! Fabric softener!) But people always surprise me with their ways to use the stuff. A few months ago, I was eating at a regrettable restaurant in Atlantic City, when the bubble-haired waitress let me in on a tip: If you want to take away the heat from a spicy dish, just add vinegar. This was about the only thing I gained from that trip (the rest I lost at the casino later that night).

Anyway, I came upon this other genius use for vinegar today: Vase cleaner. Just add baking soda to the vase, then pour in the vinegar. Yes, this is also the recipe for a science fair volcano. The baking soda foam will rise, effectively cleaning even the oddest-shaped vases. For more great tips for using vinegar, check out Lifehacker.

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  • JINX

    Toilet bowl cleaner made for mineral deposits is a lot faster to get out lime deposits. I am an antique dealer and have used it on glass and pottery with great results, and it has never damaged anthing. You need to wear gloves when using it as it is caustic. Of course, if the lime has set for a long time, it may have etched the glass and nothing you can do at home helps that.

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