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Fourth of July Crafts Countdown: Firework Garland

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Get out your sparklers and strike up the marching band's time for our Fourth of July crafts countdown!

It wouldn't be a Fourth of July crafts countdown without fireworks. But we're staying away from explosions and instead finding inspiration in the ethereal abstract shapes of fireworks with this easy tulle garland. Here's how to make one yourself.

What You'll Need

You'll need thin ribbon (I like 3/8"-wide ribbon), string, scissors and tulle garland. You can find tulle garland in the wedding section of your local craft store, or sometimes at floral supply shops. Expect to pay between $2-$6 a roll.

Step #1: Wrap the Tulle Around Your Hand

Measure and cut out a yard of tulle garland. Wrap it around one hand (fingers closed).

Step #2: Cinch the Tulle

Slide the wrapped tulle off of your hand (it will look like a cylinder). Place the tulle cylinder onto your work surface with an open end facing you. Then, tie the string around the center of the tulle cylinder tightly. The tulle will look a bit like a bow-tie, with looped ends on either side of the knot.

Step #3: Cut Through the Loops

With your scissors, cut through the tulle loops. The tulle will straighten out as you cut it. (Don't worry if the layers are different sizes, that's what gives the finished "fireworks" their explosion-like form.)

Step #4: Create the Garland

Adjust the layers of the tulle firework to create a full, loosely round shape. Next, insert a finger into the center of the tulle firework, through the string knot. Slide your ribbon through this opening. Repeat with more tulle fireworks until the garland is full enough to your liking.

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