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It's not too late to tackle these fab Fourth of July crafts for your celebration.

Fourth of July Craft #6: Free Printable Bottle Labels

fourth-of-july-craftsPiggy Bank Parties

Custom bottle labels nicely upgrade those store brand bottles of water or soda. If you're not handy with graphic design programs, these free printable pre-designed labels are for you. Get them at Piggy Bank Parties.

Fourth of July Craft #5: Bandanna Party Decor

fourth-of-july-craftsWendell T. Webber, Country Living

This patchwork-like runner can be used far after the Fourth and is nearly effortless: Just stitch together bandannas. No sewing machine? Duct tape the bandannas together on the "wrong" side. (It doesn't sound pretty, but hey, no one will look underneath the runner.) Or, use bandannas to wrap small treats for party favors.

Fourth of July Craft #4: Patriotic Punch Game

This game is pretty simple (but kids love it): Pick a number, punch through the tissue, win a prize. Who says family gatherings have to be boring for the little ones?

Fourth of July Craft #3: Banner Bunting

fourth-of-july-craftsJessica Wilson

For a twist on traditional bunting, make your own stars-and-stripes banners using cupcake wrappers, streamers and paper. It's another craft that's great for kids.

Fourth of July Craft #2: Fireworks Garland

This spirited swag took less than ten minutes to make. Just wind wide strips of tulle around your hand, cinch, then cut to create each "firework."

Fourth of July Craft #1: Nautical Napkin Rings

fourth-of-july-craftsMiki Duisterhof, Country Living

These adorable napkin holders are made with a surprising item: Shower curtain rings.


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