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Random Recast: T-Shirts Day 1

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In Random Recast, we find new uses for ordinary things. This week: T-shirts.

Would you believe that this gorgeous ombre rug was made from...t-shirts? Well, believe it. This stylish take on rag rugs was made by cutting t-shirts into strips, braiding them together and then stitching the braids into a coil. What makes this rug (by etsy seller GreenAtHeart) so chic is that the tees were all in the same color family. A mix of colors would produce a more whimsical look. For a different way to create a t-shirt rag rug, take a look at this tutorial by CraftStylish.

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  • D

    Not surprising at all. People have been making rag type rugs from whatever scraps they have for probably thousands of years. I have seen ones made from old jeans too. The only thing about this rug featured is having enough of the right colors. I would suggest buying clothes from a thrift store especially on their sale days ( Salvation Army is a good one) if you wanted to try this.
    I could see how this could be a good idea if you want a certain color of rug and cant find one in that (those) color (s) at an affordable price.

  • beau ray prehagoffen

    for centuries, the kings of france had rugs made from the pubic hair of their mistresses, from whence female pubic hair derives two of its many euphemisms: rug or carpet...and this is about all i've managed to retain from my education in the atlanta public school system.

  • D

    That was really funny lololol :)

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