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Random Recast: T-Shirts Day 3

Filed Under: Crafts & Celebrations

In Random Recast, we find new uses for ordinary things. This week: T-shirts.

t-shirtsBenita Larsson

Here's a great way to put those souvenir t-shirts to a much better use: Pillow covers. Instead of wearing your memories (or keeping them hidden in a closet), you'll have a reminder of that trip in full sight. In a nutshell, you can create this by tracing around your pillow onto your t-shirt, cutting along the lines and then stitching the two cut t-shirt sections together. For the completed tutorial, visit Chez Larsson.

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  • Patty

    I had all of mine made into a nice big, comfy quilt. Love it and it is always fun to be reminded of
    our travels. makes quilts for me.

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