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Random Recast: Corks Day 3

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In Random Recast, we find new uses for ordinary things. This week: Corks.

corks*stefaan, flickr

Did you know that laptops weren't actually meant to be used on a lap? At least that's my theory. I can tell you from first-hand (or is it first-lap) that the back of a laptop can get very, very hot. So, it's important to make sure that its fan doesn't get obstructed with dust, which can happen when you place the laptop directly on top of a work surface.

The solution: Giving your laptop a boost with corks. They'll lift the back of the laptop so the fan can provide optimum ventilation. And, they're cheaper than the special "laptop feet" or stands found at computer stores.

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  • Shirley Applebee

    I bought a laptop fan at Big Lots for $10. I consider it money well spent to protect my laptop.

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