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It's Hot Outside: Creative Ways To Beat The Heat

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It's hot as hot gets outside, but our friends at The Daily Beast have compiled a list of 12 ways to beat the dog days of summer. Here's our favorites.


We're having a heat wave! From fruity drinks and boozy ice pops, here are the coolest ways to find some relief from the sun.

heat-waveMarilyn Conway/Getty Images via The Daily Beast

Homemade Ice Pops: Take two parts childhood nostalgia, add one part adult privileges, and voila! Boozy Popsicles. Paper cups, tongue depressors, and a freezer will get you started. Try a grapefruit Campari, a fennel Pernod, or a mojito. Break them out for post-burgers dessert.

Infuse Cocktails: Nothing wrong with a simple gin and tonic, but for summer, herb-infused cocktails can turn a run-of-the-mill barbecue into the type of event Martha Stewart would plop down on a lawn chair for. They're easier to make than you think. Pick a drink-vodka is usually easiest-add a fresh fruit or herb, seal both in a glass jar or container with a tight-fitting lid, and shake once or twice a day. Fruits can take up to a week to infuse properly, so keep tasting and when you get the desired flavor, break it open, ice it, and serve.

Work Out..In The Early Morning: "Boot Camp" sounds more like torture than a workout routine, but not to the dedicated followers of Robin Hart-Cohen, a former dancer whose Los Angeles-based Hart's Fitness Camp promises all gain, no pain. And you don't have to live in Southern California-follow her schedule for a week during the cool(er) wee hours of the morning to keep your physique in place through August. Lest you think it's time to throw in the towel, there are plenty of beach days ahead to keep you inspired.

To see nine more ways to beat the heat wave, visit The Daily Beast.

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