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The Best Way To Clean: Patio Umbrellas

If your patio umbrella is already showing signs of wear and dirt, refresh it with this homemade soak.

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Want to know the best way to clean a patio umbrella? You'll need a...trash can? Says a DIYLife reader:

"After placing my umbrella underneath a tree that was very popular with birds, you can only imagine the kind of stains I found on the canopy. First, I brushed off all the gross, dried-on stuff. Then, I filled a CLEAN garbage can three-quarters full with water, then added in a little over a cup of bleach. I removed the canopy from the frame and soaked it into the bleach/water solution for about 30 minutes, occasionally giving it a swish. Afterwards, I rinsed the canopy with cool water and let it dry in the was good as new!"

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  • Mea

    Well obviously that bleach solution would not work for any of the umbrellas shown above the story! They are all colored fabric and would be ruined.

    **From the Editor: A non-chlorine bleach can be used on colored umbrella fabrics. We've had success testing color-safe bleach product (Clorox 2) on colored umbrella fabrics.

    Hope this helps!

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