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Found: A Way To Get Rid of Stink Bugs?

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Stink bugs have flummoxed home owners and bug experts alike. Conventional bug sprays don't work, fumigation doesn't work and if you try to squash them...well, you'll soon find out why they are called stink bugs. But has a homeowner in the Philadelphia area found a way to trap stink bugs?

stink-bugshthrd, flickr

To get rid of stink bugs, start with a trap. First, cut off the top of a 2-liter bottle of soda. Then, invert this top inside the "body" of the soda bottle (it'll look like a funnel), taping to secure. Next, completely cover the outside of the bottle with duct, electrical or masking tape. Fill the bottle with 1/8 cup of water and 1 tsp. of dish soap. Place the trap on top of a solar light...and wait. For the full how-to, visit MSNBC.

Have you ever tried to get rid of stink bugs? Do you have any tips?

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  • maxie

    what is a stink bug? this is the first I have heard of it.

  • trish

    They are ugly, look like they have a hard shell, sort of in the shape of a shied of armor, really creapy looking (you can tell I enjoy bugs!) And they are brownish in color.

  • Captmorganman

    they are flat sheild shaped bugs that really stink if you touch or squash them....they congregate in numbers at certain times of the year like June bugs do...

  • Ms. I.

    Not sure about the trap idea but we experienced these unstoppable pests for several years. No longer, due to finding a real solution. They love trees/wood. They hate cedar wood and never returned, thank goodness.

  • Jack

    In some parts of the East Coast (DE, MD, VA) they're also green or red in color. We've had a problem with them for about 3-years (NJ). It's said, though I 'm not certain, that they arrived aboard cargo ships from China. This is the first year they aren't quite so bad. They manage to get indoors and they do fly. Since some can be almost as large as a dime they can startle you. Out of sheer desperation, I tried a few of those plug-in silent bug and spider killers. I can't really attest as to whether it's the reason we see so few now; September seems to be the worst month here, I'll know than. And, yes, they do stink when squashed so I use a paper towel to get rid of them. My grandkids will yell, "Stink bug alert" and the hunt begins.

  • shirley fauber

    I wish someone could tell me how to get rid of lady bugs, they just swarm into your home in the fall, and streak up your walls and ceilings, they stink also, really bad. They are not even the real lady bugs which are red, these were brought in here from over seas, I think China, to eat bugs on alfalfa hay. I wish who ever was responsible for bringing them over here, had every one of them in their house. They also bite if they get on you. They range in color from pale beigh to light orange. Hope someone can help.

  • Al Schrader

    Lady bugs eat aphids, a nasty pest. They are an organic solution instead of using pesticides....Al-

  • joy

    Do what I do, spritz them to death and flush em.

  • wordtrust

    How do you get rid of aphids? esp. if it rains a lot. I tried spraying with garlic and soap but the rain just washes it off.

  • Mary

    There is a bug spray that will kill them. Its called Bengal Roach spray, it doesn't say anything about stink bugs on the can but it really does work. You can find it a local hardware store or order from I sprayed my front door and the surrounding area lost fall, didn't have a single stink bug in my apartment, but found all kinds of them dead on the porch. The spray will last about 3 to 4 months. Its a dry spray so there is no problem with it running like most bug sprays.

  • Barbara Brammer

    I called bug man they sprayed and I hav not seen one since I had hundreds before

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