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Mosquito Prevention: An Expert Opinion

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The summer heat hasn't dampened the thirst of that persistant pest, the mosquito. But an article in the August 8, 2011 issue of The New Yorker reveals a more scientific approach to keeping mosquitos away.

mosquitotkw954, flickr

The New Yorker isn't the first place you'd think of when it comes to advice about mosquitos but lo and behold, there's a story on that very (itchy) topic. Rebecca Mead interviewed Leslie B. Vosshall, the Robin Chemers Neustein Professor in the Laboratory of Neurogenics and Behavior at Rockefeller University, who is trying to find out why mosquitos bother some people but stay away from others.

A few of the highlights: Vosshall can often get bit by mosquitos two hundred and fifty times in a span of a few minutes, mosquitos will not lay eggs near fish and that only female mosquitos bite. She also spoke of a product called The Mosquito Magnet, which emits carbon dioxide and heat in order to attract mosquitos, then sucks them up. The endorsement doesn't come without caution, however:

"But it's a little bit dangerous," she added. "All the mosquitos from far and wide will come, and you are gambling that they will be more attracted to the machine than they are to you."

To read the full article, visit The New Yorker.

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