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Make a Bench from a Coffee Table

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Make a bench out of a $7 thrift store find with this easy idea from DIYLife favorite ModHomeEc.

For four legs and a flat surface, a bench can be an oddly-expensive furniture piece. But, you can make your own bench without any woodworking skills necessary. Just follow the lead of Shelly Leer and start with...a coffee table. She added an upholstered cushion and a square of tinted glass to make her combo bench-and-side-table. And even though she included these details, the total cost of the DIY was less than the cost of a retail-sourced bench. The coffee table alone was $7.

For the full tutorial, visit ModHomeEc.

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  • Carolyn

    That's a REALLY good IDEA......however.........
    THAT particular coffee table.....looks a little
    "frail".....fragile....too act as
    an all-purpose bench.....

    I seriously doubt that a 200 lb. person could
    sit on it without "flattening" it......and I only
    weigh 90 lbs......LOL !!

    The "framing" of this table appears to be approx...
    1 1/2".....with the "top".....being the thickness of
    luan plywood......or less than 1/4"......

    I would look for a heavy....SOLID WOOD.....table
    with a middle "support" in the framing.....

    But I'll keep this IDEA tucked away for
    future would make for a
    great "foyer" bench in which to be able
    to sit down and take my shoes off when
    coming in......

  • Angie

    Encouraging people to sit on a flimsy table like the one pictured is a disaster waiting to happen

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