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Ribbon Crafts: 5 Ideas For Your Home

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Here's how to think outside the bow. Decorating with ribbon has its moment.

Ribbons come in every pattern and style. And you can use a $10 spool of ribbon for many things other than wrapping presents. When I let my imagination run wild, I had some pretty fun ideas for decorating with ribbon. Yes, one little ribbon can help spruce up your home in easy, unexpected ways. Here are five fun ideas to get you tying ribbons all over your home.

1. Instantly Tied Together: There's no need to be fussy with curtain tiebacks. Use a strip of ribbon you love to tie back your curtains in the morning and let the sun shine in. (Photo below.)

2. Mirror on the Wall: Attach a strip of sturdy ribbon to a mirror or picture frame and hang it off a nail or hanging hardware in the wall. You'll add a pop of pattern with ribbon. We love the look of plaid, a pattern that never goes out of style. (Photo below.)

3. All Hung Up: All you need to keep your strappy dresses from sliding off their hangers - a little leftover ribbon. Tie a strip of ribbon on each end to keep those spaghetti straps in place.

4. Wine Markers: The next time you throw a dinner party, cut some ribbons to make wine markers and help your guests remember which glass of wine is theirs. All you need to do is tie small strips of ribbons around the stem of each glass - easy, instant wine markers. (See below, left.)

5. Lightbulb Moment: You don't have to go bold with pattern - even a simple white ribbon can complete the look of a DIY lampshade. This lampshade has been made over with wallpaper (but you can really use any paper or fabric to cover a lampshade and give it a whole new look.) Simply glue the ribbon to the top and bottom trim of the lampshade for a polished finishing touch. (See above, right.)

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By Jen Jafarzadeh L'Italien


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