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DIY etched glass kits have been selling out at craft retailers, but it can be a little bit intimidating to put brush to glass. (Especially when you realize that you're working with acid.) Not so. After reading this Craftfoxes interview of the talented husband-and-wife etching artisans behind Bread and Badger, we feel confident to try our hand at this project.


How did you get into your craft? When did you start?

I discovered glass etching by accident. I was looking for an unusual way that I could use my love of drawing to create interesting jewelry in 2005. I realized I could draw directly onto glass pieces with a Dremel tool, and then turn them into pendants. That quickly branched out into drawing onto 3-dimensional objects like vases and candle holders, which moved into the more functional world of drinkware. It wasn't until 2008 when demand became too high for me to continue hand-engraving each piece, and I upgraded to a professional sandblasting system that my husband and I could operate together.

How did you come up with the name for your shop?

I'm really inspired by how fearless badgers are, especially honey badgers. I knew that I'd have to face a lot of my fears if I was going to run a successful business, so I adopted the badger as my totem animal. The "bread" part comes from the idea of "bread and butter" - where your money comes from. I knew that I wanted this business to be my bread and butter, so I turned the phrase into something that completely described what I wanted the business to be for me.

What's one important lesson you've learned about your craft?

I've learned to not be so attached to things if they break or don't turn out perfectly. Working with glass means there's always a tiny chance that something you've been working on will just shatter at some point, whether its in your hands at the time, or somewhere in the mail. That's just the nature of the material, so there's no use fighting it. Just pick up the pieces, and make another one.

To see the whole interview, visit Craftfoxes.


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