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Sometimes you just can't help but grab a few paint sample cards at the home improvement store. If yours are piling up, here are a few genius ways to get some use out of them.


Upcycling Idea #1: Bunting
Perhaps paper bunting is an obvious paint sample craft, but so are "Your Mom" jokes, and yet we still love them. Moreover, they're easy - a paper punch and a threaded needle are all you need to complete this cheery décor. For the complete tutorial, visit Little Bit Funky.

Upcycling Idea #2: Mosaic Table Top
Need to hide a few of your coffee table's scrapes and bruises? Cobble the table via paint samples for an easy-meets-trendy makeover. It's your call whether those sassy paint sample names get to show, but we vote yes. To see how to do it, visit Craft Ahoy.

Upcycling Idea #3: Mosaic Art
For unique wall decor, consider creating this paper mosaic using clipped paint samples. Straight lines and striking colors are the key to this design, but don't let that stop you from curving outside the lines. Get the full directions to make your own art piece at How About Orange.

Want to see 7 more ideas for upcycling paint samples into impressive accents? Visit Craftfoxes.

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  • kate

    Love the Bunting idea for a child's room. The punched flowers could even be arranged in frames as well. I tend to use the online paint tool that True Value has so I never end up with enough samples to do anything with. Love the thought of being crafty instead of wasting all those samples though.

  • Danielle Chapin

    This is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love these ideas, because it's true....sometimes it's irresistible not to pick up those brightly colored samples with all their cheerfulness. Thanks for the ideas. I know hTtp:// was really good too. These projects are perfect for chilly days at home.

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