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The Daily Fix: Remove Dried Paint from a Wood Floor

Dried drips of paint are hard to avoid; it seems we've all got a few of these unsightly blemishes on our hardwood floors. Ideally, we'd catch all stray spots and splatters during the painting process and wipe them up while they're wet, but few paint jobs are that tidy. Luckily, dried paint can be removed from wood floors without damaging the floor's finish.

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The Daily Fix: Unclog a Tube of Caulk

No need to toss a perfectly good (half) tube of caulk. There's an easy way to get at the fresh caulk that's trapped behind the dried-up stuff.

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DIY Product Pick: Snip-and-Stick Backsplash Panels

I may have found the perfect DIY replacement for my backsplash: adhesive tiles. Specifically, I find myself enamored with Fasade Decorative Thermostatic Panels and Aspect Peel-and-Stick Metal Tiles, both by Acoustic Ceiling Products (ACP).

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DIY Warrior: Patch Up Cracked Stucco

Although it's a durable material, stucco often succumbs to insightly cracks. Luckily, it's a pretty basic and inexpensive DIY fix!

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Judd Studio Engineering

Links We Love: Inspiring Kitchen/Bath Makeovers & Projects

A wall-mounted TV-sized iPhone, a kitchen revamp for under $1,000, clean white wainscotting in the bathroom and smart clutter containment.

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