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Building your own Halloween? DIY Life assembles the top pages you need to make it the best. From costumes and decorations to planning and prop construction-- find it all on this weekly update page.

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Partieshalloween parties

Tips for hosting a party, stuff to do, and themes. For decorations, special effects or Haunted House specifics, scroll down a bit...

Theme, Food and Activities for a kids' Halloween party
Halloween Screensavers (from 2006, needs update)
How about a vintage Halloween?


These range from the cheap-and-easy to the expensive-and-advanced. We've got knitting projects and simple foam masks, fairy wings and Dr. Who. What will you be this year?

Katamari Damacy earmuffs to knit
Master Chief costume
Giant sandwich costume
Dr. Who
Super-quick foam masks
Very basic Jack Skellington knit ski mask
Nice list of easy-to-make Halloween costumes for kids
Big costume patterns review
Easy and inexpensive mouse costume for kids

Need more inspiration? Check out these Halloween Costume videos from AOL Video.


Many of these decorations will work in your home, of in a Haunted House. Don't forget our entire series on pumpkins, from picking to carving.

How to make tombstones
Choosing the right type of pumpkin
Grow giant, milk-fed pumpkins
Make a puking pumpkin
3-foot milk jug skeleton
Use a reciprocating saw to carve a pumpkin
Cool spiderscape
A bejeweled pumpkin concept
Mr. Potato Head pumpkin kit
Pumpkin picture holders
Leaves on your pumpkin
Make a scary Halloween scarecrow
Extreme pumpkin carving video

Special Effectsspecial effects

These special effects can help you with your costume, or help in a Haunted House. Either way, they require a little extra effort-- but the results are worth it!

How to make fake blood appear on your arm
Incredible, unique werewolf stilts (not a full costume)
How to make fake wounds
Make LED glowing eyes

Haunted Houses

Tips and tricks for hosting a Haunted House (as opposed to a themed party).

Computer tools and "virtual" haunted houses

Other Resources

Martha Stewart's Halloween
Circuit board bracelet
Countdown to Halloween Calendar

Just for fun: Halloween Pranks from AOL Video.



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