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New Uses for Old Phone Books

Oct 15th 2007 4:15PM I keep an old phone book in my camper and out in my shed. It makes great fire starter for campfires, we have a pit in the back yard too. Keeps all the paper nice and tidy, no more newspapers scattered around.

WD-40: 1,997 useful (and weird) uses

Aug 3rd 2007 9:35AM When my daughter was younger she got gum in her waist long hair. I sprayed WD-40 on the gum and worked it in, it dissoved the gum. Then just wash, rinse, repeat. No traumatizing hair cut.

Guide to Concert Etiquette: Rule 9

Jun 25th 2007 8:55AM The day I start living my life by the rules of some "college movie" put a bullet in my head! So many "followers", not enough independent thinkers.

O'Reilly and Trump Bash Rosie

Jun 1st 2007 11:02AM Where is this mysterious Fox Opinon Poll that O'Reilly says Rosie's rating is below Bush's? I went back to March of '06 in the Fox Poll archives and there wasn't a poll that had anything to do with Rosie. Hmmmmm Do I smell a liar?


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