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Label lingo for a few new green icons

Feb 25th 2008 4:34PM I'm glad I could help ... the only problem is that before we know it, there will be even more labels to figure out!

In sight, in mouth

Feb 6th 2008 6:42PM Hi Diane,

You're definitely right about this working for the kids ... if I leave fruit out somewhere in my kitchen, I notice that my kids choose to eat the fruit on their own before asking for a sweet snack.

And when I have no fruit in the house, they hound me for cookies and/or candy!

A stick-to-it trick for your New Year's resolution

Jan 7th 2008 11:41PM Thank You! And, Happy New Year!

Geocaching: A fitness treasure

Nov 5th 2007 2:05PM Bev,

My husband and I do this with our kids .... we love it! It's addictive and it's great for all ages.

We are headed to visit family in Maine this winter and can't wait to do it then too.


16 basic products (and tools) you need to clean everything in your house

Oct 28th 2007 8:43PM flopsy,

I had mold in my garage and I sprayed an all purpose cleaner that had bleach in it on the mold and it all went away with no damage what-so-ever.

Hope that helps.


Tanya Ryno

Maine middle school to offer the pill and patch to young girls

Oct 23rd 2007 4:47PM Dee:

Great article ... thanks for sending the link.

People, if you get the chance, check out the link she provided ... it gives a few unexpected perspectives about many issues not being brought up.

For instance, what about possible drug interactions? If the parent takes the child to the family doctor for another condition and the family doctor is unaware (because the mother is unaware) the child is on the birth control pill and prescribes another drug, if there is a negative reaction %u2014 who is responsible?

It's very interesting .... so again, if you get the chance read what the author has to say. You can find the link under comment number 4.

Maine middle school to offer the pill and patch to young girls

Oct 23rd 2007 2:25PM Thank you for your comment! I have kids just entering that age (and originally I'm from Maine) so to say the least, I'm a little horrified. But you're right there is always more than one dimension to all issues.

My view (and it may not be the right one) is that regardless of how we got here, we need to do more to protect our children.

And, my problem with band-aids is that they always seem to fall off before he wound is healed.

Hopefully they'll be able to find a better solution.

Thank you again for your point of view.

Remember to re-register for the do not call list

Oct 23rd 2007 2:00PM I replied to this previously ... but evidentially I need to write this again.

My intention was not to offend anyone. I am a mother of two. Ironically, not only was I making fun of myself, my own mother and my mother-in-law ... I was also insinuating that there is nothing anyone could possibly do that could make a mother stop calling.

I apologize if I offended you ... it is really a light hearted comment.

My regards,

Tanya Ryno

Remember to re-register for the do not call list

Oct 20th 2007 8:58AM I'm sorry that I created such a stir!

Just for the record ... I happen to be a mother of two. Not only am I making fun of myself and my own mother (and mother-in-law for that matter) but I'm also insinuating that there is nothing you can do that could possibly get your mother to stop calling you.

Come on ... it's funny.

The Internet is Dead and Boring

Aug 31st 2007 11:35PM Amazing. Your absolutely right. I use the internet right now because I can't sit still ... however that being said, I'm a highly-educated-technically-savvy individual who finds myself using each new site and/or network for only the time it takes to learn it. After that, I typically find that it's not going to benefit me as much as I might have anticipated and I find myself leaving it as fast as I signed up and then feeling like I've wasted my time.

While I'm still excited for what the future holds, I'm beginning to feel that I'm ahead of it's time. -- What I mean is that in the next 10 years the internet won't change much, but the way we use it will.


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