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Billy Joel Selling Two Hamptons Homes

Sep 26th 2009 5:48PM
Dear Mr.Tigre del Norte,

The French started the Vietnam conflict. We inherited it from them during the Dwight D. Eisenhower presidency. It was never a declared war by the United States.

Many people had a lot of money at stake in the conflict, and resented President Kennedy's plan to get us out.

This will put you into a place where you may learn a little more than what the schools in El Norte feed your brain.

Us Mexicanos were literally starving until President Kennedy was elected.

I hope God had mercy on him.

(P.S. To make this relevant to the blog entry, Mr. Joel served in the same Military as John Wayne; at the Alamo).



Billy Joel Selling Two Hamptons Homes

Sep 26th 2009 4:58PM
This would be a excellant addition to the Chinese portfolio of American properties owned by the Chinese by the big business selling of America.

Stop complaining about the American Presidents.

From G. Washington forward the Freemason Lodge owns their souls and controls them.

Each party just takes turns raping the American public.

America's Military has never protected the American people.

It has waged war as the lapdogs of big business.


Female teacher at Houston school suspended

Jan 13th 2008 12:11PM As Europe and the United States become more queer nations we will see more sexual perversions. This is nothing. Major US companies and local governments give huge amount of money and time to set up sexual harrassment seminars. They promote and to the full extent of agressive law enforcement, punish anyone who tells a fag or lesbian to stop trying to force their perversions on moral people. With boys taught to take it in the a** from kindergarden on, where do you think a woman who is normal, can find a willing procreation partner?

Hot Seat: Lincoln Wrong to Fight Civil War?

Dec 26th 2007 6:12PM The Civil War was fought because Abe Lincoln and his Freemason pals wanted Federal control over the States. The States wanted their complete freedom. Abe Lincoln raised a 75,000 man Army to go against the 'Terrorist'. Namely, free white folks.
The only treason they chose to secceed is not everybody is willing to sell their soul to the Devil.
God bless all those white people who stood up to evil. The Civil War was the last time whites in America stood up for themselves.
The Founding Fathers were Christian? Here's one:

"The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as His Father in the womb of a Virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter."
---Thomas Jefferson, in an 1823 letter to John Adams
To all of you in the 'know':
sheep never know they are at the slaughter until their carcasses are hanging high.
Have Fun! Little Lambs!

How to de-stinkify your shoes

Oct 28th 2007 2:38PM Dear Kllvda,
I am allergic to, and get a rash from all you other people on this planet... please leave.

Chris Matthews Is a Jerk

Aug 14th 2007 7:33PM I watch Univision, a spanish speaking station that has a weather girl who is a real babe. The camara crew and some of the audience quite often whistle at her our make comments about how pretty she is. And guess what? She says thank you for noticing, now here's the weather. Some women actually like being attractive. They are not daughters of Gloria Steinem, or lesbian femminists Ellen Degenerets. The pro-homo anti-hetero groups need to quiet down. You are perverts, real Americans are embarrassed by you all.


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