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Jumping for JOY !!

Jumping for JOY !!

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Why Did Cheryl Cole Get Booted From U.S. 'X Factor'?

May 27th 2011 11:09AM I don't know who this Cheryl is and don't care. People already make decisions without even watching it. WHO CARES? It's just a dam show. Get over it!!,,, Everyone kept saying that American Idol this year was going to be bad, well they were all wrong, it was the best year ever since the beginning. Last year's show was horrible. I am so glad both women left along with Simon. Don't know who this Cheryl is until today, and quite frankly my dear. "I don't give a DAM"!!!

'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy

May 26th 2011 6:35PM They do this to have fifteen minutes of fame. Trying to get attention on the cost of the child. This kid when it starts to talk, it is going to ask, "Am I a boy or a Girl"? And what is mommy and daddy supposed to say? Oh dear, You are a None Gender child!! WTF is that? The poor kid is going to get an inferiority complex, think it is weird, or it has Cooties, and Bam, the kid turns into some Colubine Killer... Thanks you Idiot parents for creating a monster for society. You both need to be put in a mental institution. That is my take on this story!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mistress Threatens to Sue Over Story

May 26th 2011 1:14PM All I have to say, "Got MILK????

Lauren Alaina: Scotty McCreery 'Might Be My Boyfriend'

May 26th 2011 12:59PM You know what? She is a beautiful girl. You think that the skinny ones are better? Look again, they are full of themselves. I by no means am Fat or chubby, but I hope they get together if not already. They both have Morals, something I am sure you have no concept of.

McDonald's to Bump Prices, Yet Ads Wax Fifties Nostalgic

Apr 22nd 2011 10:44PM I am not a fast food eater, but I decide to go to McDonald's one day, I wanted only a filet o fish, OMG, that small sandwich was 4 bucks, no fries, no soda, are they insane? I saw the other prices, and believe me, I can go to Home Town buffet for 10 bucks and get all I can eat and yet some. McDonald's is way too over priced. Only the idiots who don't care about their hard earned money will pay those kind of prices. Besides their meat is not even 100% beef. it is nasty, and way too salty. I will NEVER EVER go to M\cDonald's AGAIN... Gross food!!

Charlie Sheen's Fighting Words: His Most Outrageous Sound Bites

Mar 5th 2011 12:29AM Someone is going to put up a request for donations to take Charlie Out. You watch and see. It's going to happen. Then I will say, "I told you so"... No more hearing about his escapades. So sick of it.

Michelle Obama Gets a New Shopper-in-Chief

Feb 23rd 2011 9:07AM Looking at her in that red dress makes me want to yell out, "HEY KOOL AID" That baboon face, and Huge rump is so unbecomming. My Rott Weiler looks better than she ever will. I have seen many beautiful black women, but this one is an UGLY BEATCH!!!!

Scam Uses U.S. General's Name for Fake Solicitation on Facebook, Skype

Feb 23rd 2011 8:52AM In 2010 a man who claimed to be in the military said he was in the middle east fighting for our country. He went by the name of William James on Yahoo. He sent me pictures of him in uniform, etc. Then one day he asked me for a favor. I said, OK.. He told me he wanted my home address to send me his paycheck in cash for me to hold on to until he came home. He told me he also had jewelry in this box and that a special delivery was coming to my house, I was to open this box, and take some of the money to give to the driver and put the rest away. I did not give him my address. Then he contacts me thru email telling me that his package had been picked up and got held up in customs.. He had talked to a lawyer and the lawyer had recommended that he could draft up a document and with $1,600.00 he would be able to get this package out of Customs. William James insisted that was the only way to get his package. I knew then it was a SCAM. I never sent him a penny. Months after, he would just send me nasty emails saying he lost all his money all 470,000.00 with the jewelry and all and it was my fault... I told him no one in their right mind, especially military would do such a stupid thing like that. He has never contacted me again. Thank god.

Walmart Losing Business, Looks to Retool

Feb 23rd 2011 8:30AM Prices at WalMart have risen so drastically. The produce is outrageous in price. The meats are higher priced than the local store. So I do not buy meats, produce, or other products, only thing I buy is dog and cat food, all other groceries, I get at my local grocer where it's cheaper and good quality.
Greedy MF's at WalMart, I knew greed would get them some day.

Denise Richards 'Heartbroken,' Wants Charlie Sheen to Get Help for Kids' Sake

Jan 29th 2011 1:44AM Why doesn't the law fine him big for using drugs or having drugs in his system? Why don't they do a search warrant and find the drugs in his house? He can be put in jail and wear an ankle bracelet. He can go thru drug testing every week. If he fails, he goes to Prison. If they did it to Lohan, they can do it to him. CBS stop protecting him!!! You only care about the ratings and the money, you will all go to hell. Greedy people.


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