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Rufus the Rudabaga

Rufus the Rudabaga

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World War II Vet John Potter, 91, Faces Eviction by Daughter

Apr 28th 2013 1:42PM self centered, greedy, heartless, man is 91 how much longer dose he have in this world? let him live out his days in peace

Mack Reed Finds $175,000 Marijuana Stash Under His Hot Tub in Los Angeles

Dec 9th 2012 10:22AM NO good deed ever goes UNPUNISHED

Plan to Build Home on Top of Historic Heard Cemetery in Sandy Springs, Ga., Enrages Neighbors

Oct 8th 2012 6:05AM Another Ambulance chaser looking for publicity

Gary Harrington of Oregon Jailed for Illegal Rainwater Reservoirs on His Property

Aug 13th 2012 6:14PM Dont it rain continueosly (sorry spell police) in Oregon? why collect it? pursuit of happiness?

These Listings Aren't the 'Model' of Perfection

Aug 4th 2012 3:18PM What Knothead Wrote This Story, Had to been fired from HuffyPost

In the Workshop: Pliers

Apr 25th 2010 2:17PM How do i apply for a job like Doug Mahoney's ?

The 10 Best Alien Movies

Apr 10th 2010 10:51AM where is The Thing and Predator

Teen Falls Asleep During Face Tattoo

Jun 21st 2009 8:02PM I know three tatoo artist none of them do faces
they tell me faces are only done in Mexican prisons
or forign countries like Belgim
anybody says you can fall asleep getting a tatoo is
full of shit

Surprising dogs breeds to be wary of

Jul 7th 2008 4:29PM I have often wondered where this information comes from on this site " APPLIED ANAMAL BEHAVIOR SCIENCE" just exactly what is that? Biting is a defense mechanisim, if you aggravate a duck long enough it will bite.


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