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Create the Look: Jennifer Aniston's Platform Bed

Apr 20th 2010 4:50PM re: the plans to make one for in the world do you keep the mattress from moving around? I see no trim or anything to hold it in place. I would end up in another room, mattress and all, the way I sleep! haha.

Baby Formula is Not Rat Poison

Apr 17th 2010 3:53PM how about women who don't have a choice, like those who adopt, like I did. A year later, I found myself pregnant, surprise, surprise. I got so much pressure about breast feeding, had people say that I was so lucky because now I could breast feed. oh goody goody my life's dream come true! not! Actually had a granola say to me, "now that you are pregnant, do you regret adopting your son?" WHAT THE??? The pressure over breast-feeding did cause some trepidation in me, but I thought it all over carefully. I decided I wanted no difference between my attachment with my children, so I chose to NOT breast feed my second child. However, I quickly learned it makes no difference if a child grows under your heart or not, it makes no difference whether you breast feed or not, only that it grows in your heart. I love them both unconditionally, both are my kids, both are the most important things to me in the world, and there is no difference between either of them. Its your choice whether you breast feed or not, and its no one elses business.

that said, I recently had a formal party for some political friends. I woman I did not invite, heard about it, got mad, and crashed it with her kids. this was not a family party, and my house is not child safe. She had her infant with her, and proceeded to nurse sitting right in the middle of 5 older politicians dressed in suits, on my crowded front porch, who became uncomfortable and turned away. Sorry but its rude. there is a time and a place, there is such a thing as having a bit of dignity and considering other peoples feelings, especially older men at a political function, before you sit there with your breasts hanging out, and your baby making sucking sounds. Not everyone considers that a beautiful thing. there were plenty of comfortable peaceful places here for this uninvited person, who obviously knows no boundaries, to nurse.
I dunno, I guess I was raised differently, I guess I was raised to respect other peoples feelings and opinions and not force mine on them. I was not breast fed, am as healthy as can be, successful and happy. I am thinking its because I had the best mom and dad a kid could ever have. that's what really matters...

Let Them Eat ... Horse?

Mar 14th 2010 3:38PM a few more points against slaughtering horses for human consumption. one - horses spend their whole lives "working", serving humans. at the very least we can provide a HUMANE end to their life. Putting a horse down is not terribly expensive, especially when you weigh that cost against the cost people gladly pay out for tack, and riding clothes, boots, fancy trainers, etc...and this should be considered BEFORE you get into horses.
The system we did have was FAR from humane, that is not an debatable point. And now our horses are being taken to Mexico and Canada to be even more inhumanely slaughtered.
But here is something many don't realize...horses are constantly fed supplements and drugs and dewormers which are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE GIVEN TO ANIMALS USED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION without a withdrawal period. when someones pet is sent to slaughter, more than likely it is unhealthy, unsound and probably full of these products and pain killers, etc. There is NO WAY to regulate their usage, NO WAY to tell if an animal is clear of these drugs. isnt it bad enough the diseases we get from the industry that is "regulated", beef, pork, poultry? Many of these horse meds/supplements are CARCINOGENIC TO HUMANS. just google horse dewormers for example, see for yourself. Do you really think some meat inspector can tell by eyeballing a horse in a feed pen if its flesh has these products in it or not, these horse that came from who knows where and were fed who knows what? That would require superhuman abilities. If you then depend on the killer dealer to know, to be honest, they are a bunch of criminals as it is. They look for free or very cheap horses and tell the owner its going to some handicapped riding program somewhere, when in fact its going to the slaughter house. And they steal them off people's properties to make a quick buck.
If you want to eat horses, then they should be raised on a farm STRICTLY for meat consumption, grass fed, regulated as a meat farm. They should not come from private parties or be pets.
I suggest that everyone watch FOOD, INC and wake the heck up! know what you are putting in your mouth and feeding your children! Question authority! Speak up!
Another important point - have you seen the way these animals are transported to the facilities? Crammed In double decker cattle and sheep carriers with not enough head room to stand up, as most horses are much taller than cattle and sheep. They travel for days with no food or water, in fear, in pain, trampling the small ones to death in the process.
There are people who say, hey they are only animals, and that human rights come first before animals. But to them I say THE EARTH AND ANIMALS CAN SURVIVE JUST FINE WITHOUT HUMANS, BUT HUMANS CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT THE EARTH AND ANIMALS. We need to treat the earth and the animals with RESPECT in order for us to survive. There is no arguing that point!

Luv Coach Q&A: Loyalty & Lying

Feb 3rd 2010 11:37PM thank you. your words are soothing and made me strong. I just left who i thought was the love of my life. he cheated on me 7 months ago. i decided to stay, to work it out but I became this ugly distrustful person, and that's not who I am. I stopped smiling, I constantly asked him where he was, who he was talking to, checked his phone bill constantly. it wasn't fair to me, it wasn't fair to him. so just after christmas I said goodbye. do I miss him? more than you can imagine. do I still love him? yes, and I always will. the weird thing is I am this successful, outgoing, attractive woman, well known, who really has it going on and many men around me all the time, yet I was totally faithful and devoted to him. people often wondered why we were together, we come from two different worlds, but somewhere between them we connected in a powerful way. the person he cheated with was an old drunken floozy, a real trollop, ugly and OLD. he met her and dumped me instantly, it lasted a week, then he realized she was a nut bag and came crawling back. makes no sense. so I am moving on, trying hard to anyway, and your words helped me get strong again. thank you.

Septuagenarian Crustacean to Be Freed From NYC Restaurant

Oct 28th 2009 8:21AM The lobsterman is right...the big ones are needed to keep the population going. besides, have you ever eaten a big lobster? I've heard people say its tough, which makes total sense.But most importantly - We are a species ourselves, a part of the ecosystem too. We need to be conscious of what we do on this Earth because quite frankly, the Earth and Animals can survive just fine without humans, but humans cannot survive without the Earth and Animals...think about that.

Rower Finds Inspiration in the Unknown

Sep 5th 2009 9:07PM if she didn't love her husband, is it fair to him to stay with him? I did a similar thing. my ex and I BOTH have better lives now, as do the only live once. I think it is more hurtful to fake it than face it, and do something about it, let the person you dont love go to find a better life.

The 8 Jobs Most Conducive to Infidelity

Aug 6th 2009 7:07AM TRAVELING NURSES!!!! chased and cheated with my truck driver husband. why would any married mother of 3 travel all around the country to "work" and leave her family behind for 3 months at a wack when there are nursing jobs right at home? Cause she was an alcoholic slut, hiding her drinking and her whoring. my husband fell for it, stupid fool, and our relationship is mortally wounded as she moves on to yet another fool.

The 8 Jobs Most Conducive to Infidelity

Aug 6th 2009 1:29AM truck drivers...a motel on wheels, with low life women in every truck stop.

No. 1 Quality Men Want in a Wife

Aug 3rd 2008 12:10AM I was home for my kids, as was my mother when we were young. My mom alway said her greatest achievement in life was raising my sisters and me. When she was dying of ALS, I was going through a divorce, of my choosing. Though she did not live to see the outcome, she told me to remember no matter what, my kids comes first through it all. I listened to her, and though I grieved terribly over the death of my mother and of my marriage, I hung on to my Mom's words of wisdom and I hung on to my kids. I am intelligent and have a fabulous career most would envy, but I was smart enough to work it around my kids. I was married to an extremely intelligent, very successful man, but he wasn't smart enough to realize that his golf and skiing were NOT more important than his family. Even when he was home he never bothered with the kids, his head was in the TV. Being older, they got to choose who to live with after the divorce, and guess where they are 24/7? With me. guess where their father is? With an empty-headed, frumpy, bankrupt goldigger who coddles him like she is his mommy, waits on him hand and foot. She is so like his mother its creepy. She has her various offspring from various relationships moved in and he has little to do with his own kids. He let her push them away. Through the pain of the last few years, my kids have said to me time and time again, Mom you are always there for me. so I guess whether you are at home or not, and whether you are smart enough to have a well-paying career isnt the point here. its whether you are smart enough to know that the most important thing is your kids and that you don't just tell them you love them, you show them, be you father or mother. my mother was right, though I have fame and have won many awards for my work, my greatest accomplishment in life is my children.


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