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Prince Harry's Royal Wedding Plus One: Chelsy Davy

Apr 25th 2011 1:03PM Of course I could be wrong, but I think that she (Chelsy D) is the one Harry will marry. It would be hard to imagine him picking someone else since she seems to be the one he chooses. It's just not surprising that he would wait until after his brother marries first. Just from what I've seen here and there over the years in the news that's my impression. Best wishes for them also.

Lisa Rinna a Possible Replacement for Regis?

Jan 28th 2011 9:23AM Besides, why would they pick a woman when they have already made a point all these years to pair guys with Kelly and gals with Regis. If they do two gals it would look like they are trying to imitate Kathie Lee's current show.

Lisa Rinna a Possible Replacement for Regis?

Jan 28th 2011 9:17AM I think they should consider Dave Price, who was the weatherman on The Early Show CBS until New Years a couple of weeks ago just because CBS wanted to out everyone at once. He was great and funny, could talk with anyone, did a great job for 8 years or so there and I think he could do this job and the timing is just right for him obviously too!

CVS in court (again) for (even more) expired drugs, milk, eggs, and formula

Dec 3rd 2009 10:26AM I would like to comment that I am satisfied buying milk from CVS. I used to buy milk from either CVS or Walgreens then I found that in comparison the Walgreens milk has gone bad BEFORE the expiration date. This has happened several times. I think this has something to do with the fact that Walgreens milk isn't behind glass doors. I don't know why they sell it this way with exposure and possibly not kept cold enough but I think Walgreens should change this because I stopped buying milk from WG for this reason. The CVS milk usually is good at least through the expiration date and even beyond for several days sometimes. So I don't have any complaints with CVS milk. Anyone can look at expiration dates before they buy and decide whether they want to buy based on how fast they think they will drink the milk. I prefer buying from them rather than grocery stores-- it is convenient and seems lower priced there.

New Uses for Old Phone Books

Oct 15th 2007 3:17PM Having 9 cats, it helps to have some of the litter boxes with shredded paper and, though they seem to prefer the cat litter, they will also use cat litter boxes with shredded paper in them instead. Well, the old phone books are great for making shredded paper for the cats to use! Recently I heard something about how cat litter is taking up a lot of landfill space and that some kinds of litter don't biodegrade so well; this helps some in that regard....


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