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4 Fugitives Found Hiding Inside Home of Prince George, Va., Resident Charlotte Donahue

Feb 12th 2013 8:21AM The first person who responded said she should get some guns and arm herself. Didn't she even listen to or read the story? The lady wasn't even home when they broke in so how would having guns have protected her?
I'm all for gun ownership for protection, but in this instance her having guns in the house wouldn't have stopped them from coming in since she wasn't there to use them.
People should really read or listen to a story before making ridiculous comments about it.

Knife Holders to Die For

May 7th 2012 10:13AM Why is it that so many people insist that if you don't spend a big wad of money on something that the item can't be any good? Someone commented that she had an inexpensive knife that is working and lasting longer than a set she spent several hundred dollars on. Then someone replied that if her less expensive knives were lasting longer then she must be doing something wrong. That is total BULL!!!! Good quality utensils DO NOT have to cost hundreds. If you are careful about how you use them and store them, a knife that costs a very little amount will last practically foreverf.

I have one I bought for $5 over 20 years ago. I have used it for every kitchen use imaginable. It has never EVER needed sharpening and to this day is sharp enough to cut paper. Up until 7 years ago when I got my magnetic strips it was stored in a drawer. It's been through the dishwasher thousands of times. I can't imagine a better buy than this knife!
Oh, and all my other knives are running a close second to this one, and I never paid more than $10 for any knife I have.

Knife Holders to Die For

May 7th 2012 10:03AM I bought one of those magnetic knife holders and liked it so much I went back and got 3 more to clear up even more drawer space. I love them. They make it much easier to grab a knife or tongs or can opener or any one of several other things I have on them. And also, when I kept my knives in the drawer I was forever cutting myself when I'd reach in to grab one without looking. Now that I have the magnetic strip, no more cuts!
And yes they've been around for years. I've had mine for 7 years now.
Also, I didn't pay $40 for them either. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $16 each. I learned years ago not to believe the prices on these web sites. I don't know where they do their shopping but it sounds like Rodeo Drive to me! Our local favorite stores usually have the same item for much less.

Fashion Styles That Make You Look Older and What to Wear Instead

Nov 20th 2011 9:28AM I agree totally. At this stage of my life I'm looking for comfort more than style. I try to keep style in there too, but it's going to be COMFORTABLE STYLE!

Fashion Styles That Make You Look Older and What to Wear Instead

Nov 20th 2011 9:23AM Some of these changes are just plain terrible. For instance,
flats instead of tennis shoes. This depends entirely on what you are doing! Flats are not appropriate for some activities. And also, there are times when tennis shoes are just plain more comfortable.

Depending on how cold it is, I want the turtleneck on under my cardigan! If it's cold outside, I want my chest covered all the way up! I don't want skin showing that's just going to get cold! On a nice day, yes that cami would look really nice. But on a cold day, that cami is going to look pretty ridiculous!

One I definitely did agree on. Themed sweaters or tops. I don't even buy those. You can only wear them for a few weeks at most before they are past the holiday they are themed for and then they look ridiculous. So yes, some shiny or sparkly tops, or even just certain colors to match the season or the holiday would be much more appropriate.

Some of the others expect that everyone reading this has an hour-glass figure that will look nice in their suggestions. Most women don't! Most of us dress not only for our age, but also for our shape. And in that case, some of these suggestions just do not work.

My Three Most Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Oct 16th 2011 8:37PM By the way, my 3 favorite kitchen gadgets are:
1-My Magic Bullet. I use it constantly almost every day for a wide variety of things.
2-My toaster oven. During the hot months I refuse to even turn my oven on, so my toaster oven gets used a lot! During the winter, too, but mostly in summer.
3-My slow cooker. Every mid-fall I make tons of homemade soups and chili. Then I put it all in individual containers to be reheated as I want. I make enough to last through the winter and into early spring.

Of course I can't make a list like this without including the dishwasher and microwave, but they are in a category all by themselves, like the fridge and freezer!

My Three Most Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Oct 16th 2011 8:29PM I only have one comment. Why on earth would someone pay $43.96 for a set of measuring cups??????????? Is that solid silver they're made of or what????? You can buy a perfectly good set probably exactly the same (ok, maybe it won't have the 2 cup one, but hey!) or close enough to it for $1-5 at any store that sells kitchen gadgets!

6 Ways to Make Halloween Safe and Fun for Your Dog

Oct 15th 2011 1:06PM Nate, this is very important information. Everyone thinks of Halloween night, but most of us don't ever consider the ramifications of that night and what's left on the ground for the animals to find.

Thank you for pointing this out!

6 Ways to Make Halloween Safe and Fun for Your Dog

Oct 15th 2011 1:01PM thermal54, have you EVER paid attention to any of the research or researched yourself on the proper care of animals? It doesn't sound like you have! Try doing some research. If you have a heart at all for your poor pets, you will be appalled at what you read and what you've been giving your dog!

6 Ways to Make Halloween Safe and Fun for Your Dog

Oct 15th 2011 12:55PM Norma C., Alex is 100% right. Why are you wasting time on the computer and waiting however long for answers on here, when you should have already been on the way to the vet as soon as it happened?

What would you do if your child had hurt him/herself that badly? I'm sure you'd have dropped everything and headed for the doctor. Give your poor dog the same consideration!


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