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Man Shames Wife He's Divorcing With Angry Sign Hung on House

Apr 2nd 2013 11:05AM He wrote on the sign she'll 'get F-all (nothing)'?? Sounds like she already did, having cleaned the place out. Does he plan to force her to bring all the stuff BACK?

United Kingdom Amusement Park Ride Is Designed To Cure Hangovers

Sep 27th 2012 9:26AM I imagine a good puke up of a stomach full of booze will make you feel better. I would hope they make you take a barf bag when you get on.

'Sharpie Parties' Wreak Havoc on Foreclosed Homes

Aug 19th 2012 12:10PM Yes, I can just picture YOU, Alexis1, mild-mannered accounts manager by day, vigilante bank assassin by night, sitting with a shotgun waiting for vandals to descend on a foreclosed house! You do realize the vandals aren't invading their PARENTS houses, or their neighbors houses, do you? You do realize these are FORECLOSED houses that aren't owned by anyone but a BANK? Do you think the banks will be hiring sharpshooters to fend off deserted heaps that have been sitting there for months? DO YOU??? Maybe you should apply for that job, you seem eager to shoot something, you can pretend you're in your own house fighting off burglars or something.

Anyone remember the scene in Bonnie and Clyde, where a destitute farmer was standing outside his foreclosed barn in the middle of nowhere, and Clyde leant him his gun to shoot a few holes in his ex-house?

'Sharpie Parties' Wreak Havoc on Foreclosed Homes

Aug 19th 2012 11:56AM WHAT "government interference"? I see as much child abuse and neglect as there ever was, the government doesn't have "Parent Police" to interfere, just fewer and fewer burned out social workers to try to deal with the most heinous cases.

Your situation, while interesting in its Jerry Springeresque dysfunction, is so unbelievably jacked up as to make me laugh. "Next on Dr. Phil: Brenda throws up her hands and blames GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE for her bratty kid!" Just because you never got a grip on the whole discipline thing doesn't mean hordes of wild kids are roaming the streets yelling 'nyahh, you can't touch me!' Your story is particular to YOU. The evil gummint has no bearing on good or bad parenting, don't blame CPS or some idea of a government manifesto every kid gets to read so as to hold against his parents.

'Sharpie Parties' Wreak Havoc on Foreclosed Homes

Aug 19th 2012 11:46AM In a way, a small part of me can hardly blame them for such anger. That doesn't excuse this heinous behavior!

Listing Fails: The Best of the Worst in Real Estate This Week

Jul 29th 2012 5:56AM now see...I read something like this. And I think, WTF? why would anyone write something like this? what does that even mean??? what does this person think "America" looks like, or should look like? what is it about photos of empty rooms that make him think, 'yeah, that's a hovel'? what kind of house does HE live in? does he think there are better looking houses in, say, Canada and Russia and France, that make these American houses by contrast look bad? is he a snob looking down on the peons, or does he feel sorry for the poor forced to live in hovels? Is he an expert on hovels? Does he think Americans are slobs? Poor? Bad housekeepers? Does he think there are some kind of international standards of empty houses for sale that Americans are not measuring up to? Is there a contest?

Newest Disney Wedding Dresses for 2012

Feb 18th 2012 9:36AM the Disney movie, anyway, Cinderella was a long-suffering pliant drudge, sighing "oh, me!" until fate removed her from the kitchen and set up the handsome prince to sweep her off her feet. Rapunzel, in the classic tale, got knocked up by HER handsome prince....The dresses? Same old piles of fluff. Will that strapless thing NEVER go away??? 9 out of 10 brides in the Sunday paper are porky armed ladies stuffed into the strapless uniform. Very unflattering, and disrespectful to the church if that's where the wedding takes place.

Fashion Styles That Make You Look Older and What to Wear Instead

Nov 20th 2011 10:45AM OK, Joel. You have a point. I'll try to look and dress better for you. When I'm pushing a grocery cart through the slush into the grocery store, I'll put on some cute zippy heels instead of the aging big white mom sneakers. When I'm carting my elderly mom to yet another doctor's appointment and sit out in the office for an hour waiting, I'll stuff myself into a sleek dark pencil skirt, or maybe skinny jeans and knee high boots. When I'm out shovelling snow, that boring old turtleneck will be in the rag bag as I display my cleavage in a sparkly camisole. ... Joel, if you think *I* am going to do any of this, or even bother to change clothes three times a day so I don't look frumpy when I go elsewhee, you can bite me. And where is it YOU hang out looking at the frumps? Are you a Walmart greeter? A grocery store bag boy? Let's hear what keen outfits YOU dress up in, Joel! I do love a sharp-dressed man, but I seldom see one looking at caulking in Home Depot or getting a hot dog at the 7-11.

Photo Gallery: Abandoned Americana

Oct 26th 2011 12:21PM I don't know what that is all about, or why you are responding to my post... I DID live through the 60's and 70's, and I DO remember the good old days before the countryside was razed for McMansions and strip malls. Yes, life did seem better in the past in a way, but we were fairly well off and educated.. I see things like the old silos and it's like a glimpse of the past, gone and near forgotten. What is specially interesting to me is walking through any number of public parks and looking at the brick and stone walls and stairs built back in the 30's. I went to the zoo, was walking along a walkway made of lumber, through the park - looking down below were old, overgrown brick steps leading down a hillside. They were mysterious, and beautiful, like out of a fairy tale.

Photo Gallery: Abandoned Americana

Oct 22nd 2011 9:56AM "When did the last customer leave?" Oh, he's still in there, my friend. He's still there. You can only see him at night....

These are wonderful pictures! I live out in the 'burbs and always notice abandoned houses, and there are still standing a few silos from old barns, surrounded by tiger lillies from a long-ago garden. There's an old, peeling silo in a patch of woods that looks a hundred years old - on either side, there's a Chinese restaurant and a Target.


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