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Studio Apartment's Surprise Bonus Room? A 'Secret Dungeon'

Oct 10th 2013 5:34PM Not at all uncommmon in old monastaries. I'd find it fascinating actually, not creepy unless found were bones or manacles, etc. Just be sure to secure the hatch.

DIY Pool: How Brandon Gardiner and His Dad Built Their Own Backyard Oasis

Sep 15th 2012 6:32PM My uncle dug/built his own pool 50 years ago. Nice pool!

Drought-Stricken Lawns Get a Makeover With Green Paint

Jul 29th 2012 4:09PM maybe try liquid iron?

George Lucas Proposes Affordable Housing Plan

May 17th 2012 4:55PM Gotta admit - this pic is the most animated I've seen of Lucas. Always knew he could do it.

Inside Look: NYC's 'Convertible Brownstone' (VIDEO)

Apr 6th 2012 7:27PM was in an NYC borough in '92, middle america residential neighborhood - the front wall of the house was split down the middle, either side on a track and opened, like sliding doors. But - it was 8 feet above ground level. First time I'd ever seen anything like it.

Inside Look: NYC's 'Convertible Brownstone' (VIDEO)

Apr 6th 2012 10:17AM a garage door in the living room. interesting

Homeowners Association Forecloses on Vet for $340

Jan 25th 2012 2:36PM Pitiful, incredibly pitiful. It's amazing what people will do just because they can. Gotta keep the image up and the lawyers fed?

Doggy Home-Care Medicine Chest

Oct 11th 2011 10:13PM 'Karo syrup/honey: for shock' - can someone expound on this for me?
Never heard of this one. thanks


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