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BofA Threatens Family With Foreclosure Over $1 'Coding Error'

Nov 5th 2011 8:21AM This bank is lousy. Everyone should change from this bank. Always problems.

Census: American Dream of Home Ownership May Be Gone for Good

Oct 9th 2011 1:54PM You are sooooooooo right! Nowdays people think they have to have the best, and all the extras.

Fashion trainwrecks make it to Miss Universe stage (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Sep 13th 2011 5:36PM don't let Michelle see those awful dresses. She will want 2 of each, just her style. No style.

Cat Is Obsessed With Fax Machine

Sep 10th 2011 10:29AM Most any cat could do this! Just put catnip or smear a smelly cat treat (tuna) and they would act the same.

Charlie Sheen Asking for Full Custody of Twins, Denise Richards Offers Help

Apr 19th 2011 8:59AM Poor kids. Don't stand a chance. Someone should adopt them. Neither parent is fit.

Milan Fall 2011 Fashion Week: The Best Of

Mar 6th 2011 10:41AM Bet this is where Michelle gets her clothes.

Milan Fall 2011 Fashion Week: The Best Of

Mar 6th 2011 10:32AM Is this where Michelle gets her clothes??

Milan Fall 2011 Fashion Week: The Best Of

Mar 6th 2011 10:19AM TERRIBLE!! I would not take out the trash in any of these, someone might see me.

Video Baby Monitor Recall: Two Babies Strangled in Cords

Feb 11th 2011 5:53PM I agree with Violet!! Stupid people not products.

Window Insulation Film

Oct 23rd 2010 7:06PM I can't believe this. Doing each pane does no good. You do better if you film the entire window. The cold air comes aroung the frame not the pane. Neither look very good, but what the heck, if you stay warm.


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