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How to Master the Art of Slacking Off Without Getting Canned

Dec 11th 2010 5:16PM Yep, I work with lots of these people. I get angry about them doing less than nothing, then they turn me into HR for having an anger problem, and they continue to make excuses for getting nothing done. And guess what! They are the coveted young workers who are leaving the work for the older workers to do. Shock, shock!

The 10 Friends Every Girl Needs

Oct 20th 2010 11:22AM Kate said it well. That's all I could think while I read the article. The fact that she adds that her mom agrees with using people was even sadder. Is her mom is as immature as she is? I've had lots of friends like this person. What can I do for them? It's very emotionally and, in my case, financially draining. (Can you say sucker for a hard luck story? --- Totally my own fault.) However, I did finally get them all out of my life. Much relief to me. I only hope that when she calles her friends to ask for something, again, they don't feel the dread that I did when I was in their position.

The No. 1 Quality for Career Success

Sep 5th 2010 10:36AM Hard work. Are you kidding me? Hard work, only gets you more hard work. Then your non-hard working co-workers get the promotions and raises, because they spent their days at work schmoozing with the bosses, doing favors for the bosses, and sucking up to the bosses. Additionally, the non-hard workers get to take long breaks and lunches, do less work, spend more time spreading gossip, come in late everyday, make birthday cards on the company computer on company time, leave early, and find ways to blame you for not getting the work done. That's the American way! "Teamwork" at it's best.

Do Toning Shoes Really Work?

Aug 11th 2010 11:23AM Yeah, I remember Earth Shoes, too. UGH!!! Wore them in college. Wore them everyday! My legs never got used to them and my cavles HURT, ALL the time! I have never been so glad when a pair of shoes wore out! These shoes are much, MUCH better than those nasty things ever were.

Do Toning Shoes Really Work?

Aug 11th 2010 11:01AM To the point of buying these shoes at Payless (one of my favorite stores). I would not buy something of this sort there. Very leery of the cheap stuff for this type of thing. I did buy some of the Sketchers. In the box there are directions saying NOT to wear them for long periods when you first get them. I have found that when I wear them for browsing in a store or an environment where you are stopping and starting they make my knees hurt, HOWEVER, when worn to walk only, as in for exercise, they are wonderful. I have arthritis in both knees and these make walking much more pleasurable.

Clinicians May Be Screening for Cervical Cancer Too Often

Jun 15th 2010 8:44PM By screening more they make more $$ from the insurance companies or from the patients themselves, if they are uninsured. Why can't people see this? It is just an acceptable insurance fraud senario.

Is a Site That Lets You Anonymously Rate Colleagues a Good Idea?

Jun 12th 2010 8:49AM This is scarey. People don't even have to know you to review you. There are more than enough nasty people with nothing to do that will be bad mouthing everyone, just for kicks. People aren't basically good. They are basically self-centered, self-gratifying, egotists who don't want good for anyone but themselves. People can't get jobs now and this won't help.

eBay Changes Pricing Schemes for Auctions, Struggling to Regain Edge

Jan 28th 2010 10:56AM I have never sold anything on ebay. I also tried to stay away from the power sellers after one would not send my send my item, but filed a complaint aginst me for non-payment. I had my cancelled ck in my hand. I tried to file a complaint against him for not sending the item, but ebay would have none of that. ebay would not intervene. Shock (NOT). The guy finally sent the item. (NO, they are not all bad. -- Ernesto is THE sweetest man on the planet! -- I have had some very good dealings with some.) I also had a large seller file a complaint against me, for non-payment, after she rec'd my check, but decided not to take it. She said she sent it back. I told her I would send a PO MO AFTER receiving my ck back. (I'm not gonna pay 2x for the same thing. Sorry 'bout your luck.) When I contacted her about the complaint she said she had not filed one. Uh-huh. She got her $$ and I got my item in the end. (It spoiled it so much for me that I have never removed it from the box) Aditionally, power sellers usually do not leave you + feedback, because they don't give a crap. They don't need the feedback, but as a small buyer, it makes a diffference. (FYI - since I joined in the 90's I have 1 neg. feedback) When I first joined ebay, it was a blast. Everybody was small. Then they got popular and the power sellers got on there and it went downhill. Now they require you to pay with paypal, because they own it, and it has gone downhill again. I haven't bought on there for over a yr. I don't even look. Makes me sad, but the antiques dealers in IN are probably happier. They are now getting my $$ that the ebay dealers won't get.

PetSmart Survey Reveals Motives for Pet Adoption

Jan 27th 2010 7:45PM I agree totally. The way it sounded, if you didn't get a dog from a shelter, the only other choice you had was from a breeder. We have 5 dogs. We got one from a friend of a friend, one at a rummage sale, one from a rescue group, one from a shelter, and one from a breeder. They are all "fixed," play together, and are a blast to watch. There is lots of love in our house for and from our "babies." But, according to this poll only 2 of the 5 count. Where ever you get your new "kids" should be acceptable if you take care of them.

House Votes to Strip ACORN Funding

Sep 17th 2009 9:14PM He won't be suprised. He'll never be able to remember that the liberals did anything wrong. No one ever seems to remember it.


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