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Top 8 ways vinegar is the DIY cleaner of choice

Aug 3rd 2007 12:56PM Vinegar is also a great home remedy for sore throats! Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar w/ 1/4 cup of honey and take 6 tablespoons throughout the day. By the time you take your 3rd or 4th dose you will already feel your throat getting better! The vinegar kills the bacteria. I always do this when I feel a cold coming on. I haven't used a throat lozenge in about 2 years!
Thanks! :)

Angelina Jolie plays an Afro Cuban in "A Mighty Heart"

Jun 23rd 2007 12:56AM Well said Tasha! Bravo! Bella if we are "such a sad group of people" why the hell are you so interested in what we have to say? You know what?... I agree w/ Tash..."B*tch, shut the f*ck up!"


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