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How to clean vinyl siding

Oct 30th 2007 8:38PM Allways be careful when using a power washer to clean vinyl siding, Do not use high pressure it will cause pitting in the smooth waxy finish, once it,s pitted more dirt and mold will stick to it than ever before and will make it harder to clean the next time.......USE LOW PRESSURE

Women use cocaine and speed for weight-loss

Oct 21st 2007 8:29AM The whole problem starts with the Govm. recommeded weigh for people,,it is set at a standard that is 10% to low..I am 6 ft. tall and my weight according to the Govm. standard should be 170 lbs. at that weight I would look like the walking dead,I look great at 190 lbs. nice and lean,muscular and feel great.........Willy

StyleFoul: A-Rod's wife wears F-bomb T-shirt to game

Jul 9th 2007 8:53PM Malissa you are just plain dumb thinking a two yr old can,t read,,,,thy reconize most basic two yr. old grandson would watch people type in there password on the computer and would go back later and read your e-mail his grandmother caught his looking at x-rated wise up kids are smarter than you think

Fergie Falls Victim to the High-Waisted Trend

Jun 24th 2007 8:27PM I don,t like hip huggers on women it makes them look cheap, also it looks like they just took a CRAP and forgot to pull there pants up all the way


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