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Most Comfortable...Underwear

Sep 9th 2011 8:32AM i like the hanes stretch bikini , but i wonder if they make them edible, any flavor will do

Katie or Rosie? Maury Povich, New King of Daytime, Predicts Who Will Succeed

Jul 11th 2011 6:02AM how in the world can povich be king of daytime...his show is the exact same thing every day all year...BORING

Octomom Brings 9 of Her Kids Along for Chaotic 'TODAY' Visit (Video)

Jul 8th 2011 5:00PM nadya is a beautiful woman....the pictures of her in her bikini the other day were woooooo hoooo....she is hotter than anyone in hollywood

Octomom Brings 9 of Her Kids Along for Chaotic 'TODAY' Visit (Video)

Jul 8th 2011 4:17PM what a beautiful woman and wonderful mom and beautiful kids....she is an amazing and intelligent woman

Is that an iPad in their pants or is the TSA just happy to see us?

Jul 8th 2011 5:15AM another typical lying, thieving, cheating, worthless govt employee....i sure hope the union can save his job so he can steal alot more

San Francisco: A Town Without Kiddies?

Jun 21st 2011 7:01PM the homosexual population in san franfreako went up by 25 % ...homosexuals are a live for today society because they cant reproduce they can only try to coerce others into their way of life....homosexuality is a dead end society

Iowa School Principal Delivers Birthday Spankings to Students

May 28th 2011 9:48AM if that little birthday whammie gave this kid ptsd then that family better never fly opn a plane have the tsa feel their kids bodies everywhere....seems to me that tsa must be causing a heck of alot of ptsd then

What not to do on your safari

May 3rd 2011 1:31PM i do the same thing she does but i do it with grizzly bears....grizzlies are really playful animals....i wrestle around with them all the time and sometimes even have a boxing match with them

License and Inspection for Bicycles? What's Next: Skateboards?

Mar 2nd 2011 7:37PM a real good way for new york to raise money would be to make it a law to have a meter on every single toilet even home toilets....then charge $2 per flush...that would raise alotta money or make ny a stinky city lmao....i shouldnt have mentioned this because charlie rangel might be reading it and get an idea from it

What to Do If You Realize You Made a Mistake After Filing Your Taxes

Feb 28th 2011 1:43PM i wonder if charlie rangel knew he could file amended sure he wish he had known


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