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Want giant images for your walls? Try Rasterbator!

Apr 18th 2009 9:46AM I like this idea up to a point.

The really big ones though, its chepaer to go to kinkos and print it there.

I figured out the ink cost on my seutp alone andit would cost 5 times what Kinkos would charge for the same printing.

Now for less than giant, but still rastered.... I like it and its reasonable.

If I still had access to plotters at my previous job though I would likley not even raster.

Having plotters means being able to blow up big pics without rasterizing.

Build your own digital picture frame

Apr 18th 2009 9:25AM Good idea, but the reality is nowadays, its cheap enough to get digital frames.... THe idea for these digitial pic frames is space.
Using a desktop defeats the purpose. I would never want to use a traditional computer for this.

Besides, I can repurpose older pc's to Linux or similar and still use them. I have a older now linux pc that is out in my workshed and am in the process of adding a second one to the same setup.

But the 2nd one is good enough that I will be adding cable to the workroom, probably then my wife wont be seeing me as much, because then I could add a recliner,etc...hehe

Make a picture frame from an empty candy box

Apr 18th 2009 9:20AM cute idea, and does have some uses and possibilities.

In my own case, Im looking for mor the usual picture frames.
I currently go to garage sales/estate sales and pick up quality pic frames when possible.

Once in a while I find reall worthwhile frames.
I bought 5 for $1 that at a local store were sellling for $10 each.

Wish I could find poster frames similarly.
ANd no, not the flippy kind.. Those are too cheap.
I need to find the expensive hard frame for posters or figure out alternatives.

20 useful things to do with bed sheets

Apr 18th 2009 9:15AM Yea, too often people repost info, without including where they got it.

With the glut of internet information, I would have instead included a link to the original or source.

Good ideas all around anyway.
Though there is such as thing as having too much.

We downsized (not move, just reducing clutter).

We had twice the handtowels, twice the dishtowels, twice everything than ever needed.

Wasnt till I cleaned out our closets that I relizeed how much we had
and some of it in was in wrong places (dishtowels were in the bathroom towel closet for example.

In our case, I went thru and and anything that was ratty, bad, or simiply too worn or even dirty was tossed in a 'rag pile'.

I might keep a few of the sheets per the above.
But I doubt I will keep much.

As it is, we eaven have too many dishes per inheritance.
We have 5 different sets of 'ancestral' dishware and having problems figuring out what to do.

I figure on packing at least 1 or 2 sets, and use the new space in the linen closet to store them.

Time for Berkshire Hathaway to offer a dividend

Jun 26th 2007 10:38AM BRK (A or B) is not a stock for those wanting dividien income and should never be bought thinking that someday they will.

BRK (B) is 10% of what I own and it wil remain there untill it happens if ever.

My goal with BRK is to sell it outright in the future.. when & if I ever need it.


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