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Princess, Holland America Drop Cruises to Mazatlan

Mar 14th 2011 11:07PM Are you kidding? The Mexican government is behind all of this. Subscribe to and watch Alex Jones! He is the only and I mean the only one who actually tells the truth to the American people!

Charlie Sheen's Lawyer Blasts CBS, Warner Bros. in Letter, Threatens to Sue

Mar 1st 2011 2:39AM Most (not all) of you people don't know what you are talking about. Lorre is an a**h**e! Charlie is clean and he will stay clean! Most of the stuff reported in the mainstream media is a joke. Charlie gives enormous amounts of money to charities. Have any of you actually heard the interview that was given with Alex Jones?? I did Charlie is sick and tired of all the mainstream media reporting things that are not true. Go listen to it or are you afraid you might actually learn the truth?

Small Screws are My DIY Dilemma!

Feb 27th 2011 3:12AM I use a telescoping wand with a magnet on the end if I or my husband drop a very small screw. We are into model railroading and all of the screws are so small that when they get dropped, they are impossible to find. I just whip out the wand with the magnet on the end and find it immediately! Then you can also start the screw with the end of the magnet. Now if they are plastic screws-that is a different story, but usually they are metal and the magnet works perfectly.

Feds Consider Limiting Potatoes Offered to Kids


'Crocodile Dundee' Star Paul Hogan Has Message for Taxman: 'Bugger 'em!'

Sep 2nd 2010 1:00AM Right--it (every bit of it) goes to pay just the interest to the Federal Reserve and the world banking cartel which has controlled every president of the US since Abraham Lincoln. Do the research--Read The Creature From Jeckle Island by G. Edward Griffin. You will then understand.

CBS Announces Premiere Dates for 2010 Fall Season

Jul 23rd 2010 7:21PM Yes, I would also like Ghost Whisperer back along with N3mbers (Numbers) along with Medium (which is supposed to be coming back. I do not watch very much TV anymore because there are just too many other things we need to be worried about, but I did watch on Friday nights and NCIS on Tuesday nights but not much else.

Susan Boyle Launches Own Singing Competition

Jul 10th 2010 11:08PM Susan, I am a big fan of yours. I applaud you for what you are doing! Great Job! I bought your first album when it came out on Amazon.

UN Accuses Massachusetts Special Education School of Torture

Jul 3rd 2010 2:10AM I agree with you klynn. We have been raising our grandson (now 17) since he was 4 1/2. He is mentally retarded. (Although the term used now is "developmentally delayed') His IQ is between 40 and 45. His pcp has had him on every known type of medication. A lot of them never worked at all. He now sees a pediatric psychiatrist once a month who tried him on Zoloft (did not work and the side affects are horrendous! He then put him on a medication that his pcp had him on which he is allergic to without check with his pediatrician (pcp). He also has ADHD, a keytone metabolic disease, SEVERE Osteoporosis and Asthma. He is usually pretty good in school (he is in what is called a challenge program at school and will be a Senior when school starts again in August. He will never graduate or even get a diploma -- (per the school) He has had some problems in school but usually he is OK. But at home whenever he does not get his own way, he starts with the cussing, then throwing things at us and proceeds to hit us. My husband will be 72 this month and I just turned 66 in June. Its getting to the point where we can't handle him any more. I am aftraid of having him put in a foster home because there are a lot of foster parents who really abuse these types of kids-sexually as well as other ways. We live in Colorado and the state was looking for a way to put up a website for social workers, etc. for approved foster parents but it was going to cost about $200,000 plus. We have never heard anymore about it as the Obama administration is doing everything he can to ruin this country. Its being done by design. He is only a puppet put in by the IMF and World Bank. And the Federal Reserve is part of all of that!

Boy Featured on 'Extreme Makeover' Brings Rare Disorder to Light

May 11th 2010 3:36AM Its not the property taxes. Its the IRS and State Taxes that they have to pay. But there is no Constitiutional Law that says a person has to pay income tax. It is supposedly in admendment 16--but that admendment was never properly ratified by the states. Check it out if you do not believe me. And yes I feel very sad about PWS and I am glad the show helped them--but why don't they pay the stupid taxes so these people can keep their homes. Until something is done about the crazy IRS, this is going to continue.

Fans and Critics Gang Up On ... Julie Andrews?

May 11th 2010 1:35AM Julie Andrews is a very special person in my book. When The Sound of Music became a movie--I loved it so much that I went 7 times! I have also seen most of her other movies. The Brits should be ashamed of themselves! I would have given anything to have been there!


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