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6-Year-Old Misses School Bus, Takes Family Car Instead

Jan 8th 2009 10:17AM The mother was not allowed to be alone with the two kids.

There have OBVIOUSLY been problems before this. We may never know those reasons either. Why in the heck would you let a 6 year old play Grand Theft Auto? It's rated M 17+ for goodness sakes! The boy said he learned how to drive from that game! You can't do something like that!

And for those who applaud the boy for taking the car to school-I hope you are never put in that situation. I will be waking up with my boys every morning once they start school, feed them, and see them to school. When they are older-say 10 or so, and they can wait for the bus themselves, if they DO miss the bus, I want them to come to me and tell me so I can drive them to school.

I'm not surprised that the kids were taken away. Yes, they boy may feel bad about the situation-about he and his brother being taken from his parents. But how would most of you who think this story is great feel if the headline had been, "6 Year Old Boy Takes Mother's Car-Crashes and Dies" ? I bet you wouldn't be so quick to say she was working so many jobs or that it wasn't her fault that she slept in and didn't see her child off to school. These comments would be FULL of how much neglect there was in the home.

Read the full story people! And think logically before you post!

Were the Brangelina Baby Pics Photoshopped?

Aug 6th 2008 9:42AM My son is 8 days old and smiles all the time. That magazine is WRONG! And as for the photographer being 'patient'? I'm sure he had a lot of film and kept clicking away and just picked the one that was the best.

Drunk mom tries to pick up kid

Apr 19th 2008 9:01AM I feel very sorry for this little girl. When I was little I was put in day care and preschool and I know my parents drank. However, thankfully I normally lived within walking distance to the buildings and my mother never did anything this stupid. But the mother has no reason having children if this is what she is going to do.

And to Niskydance0708-a troubled mother under stress doesn't get massively drunk and then pick up her child from school like that. The adults were trying to keep the child safe and the drunken mother went crazy and had to be arrested. Sounds kind of stupid huh? Would you allow this to happen if you worked at a daycare or preschool and had the option of sending a little child with a drunk mother?

Teens Almost Die Attempting YouTube Stunt

Apr 19th 2008 8:52AM Did you forget that it is illegal for teenagers under the age of 14 to be married in the state of Texas? The girls are being forced to marry older men who just may be their uncle or something! There is a major difference between a girl having sex and getting pregnant and being forced into a marraige such as these. And not every girl walks around like a "painted up street walker" to get attention. Yes, it does happen, I'm not ignorant; but you're being very biased in your statement about it. You can't look at one girl and say "oh, all girls must walk around with their boobs hanging out all over the country now." That is not true. There were reports of abuse from whoever made the call, so the government can investigate. A neighbor can call the local DSS on someone who has children and they come and investigate-it's a requirement when they receive calls such as the one about the, real or not, 14 year old girl from the compound. And you say something about the country being "free?" What about the women not being allowed to decide if they want to marry their 40-year old uncle or not? Remember that they don't have a say so in the matter or about getting pregnant by them. And because they are ploygomists, they won't even be the only wife. That is also illegal; at least in this counrty. The people who lived in the Old West were usually only married to one person at a time. I say usually because we don't know if there was any bigamy or not so I can't say that it never happened before. But the odds of it happening are slim. So I personally think that the government should check to see if there was abuse. And since the children are still out of the custody of their mothers AFTER all of the hearings, I assume that there was abuse. And not just abuse to the children, teenagers, and possibly the mothers too, but they were breaking State and Federal laws as well.

Lock up That Indonesian Masseuse: It's For Her Own Good

Apr 12th 2008 10:08PM I agree with Cheri. I think it is a symbol to the customers that they are not running a brothel underneath their masseuse business. I think it's a good idea-it's better than having to explain that they won't do something else and without having signs or t-shirts that say, "see this belt? NO SEX!!!"

Three Kids: The new status symbol

Apr 10th 2008 10:25AM Honestly, I think that if you can love and afford to take care of you children, go for it! I am pregnant with #2 and I know I still want more. I left my husband because of personal reasons and also that he made a big F deal about going to work. I had to sign us up of food stamps so that we could eat! But as soon as I can get on my feet after this one is born, and I can move back out of my parent's house again, I know that I'll be able to take care of them better than when it was just my ex-husband "Trying" to work. If I had stayed with him, I wouldn't be able to have to family I wanted. But I do think that how many children you want epends on if you can take care of them; and also, just if you are a millionair doesn't mean you have to have 10 kids!

A bathroom problem of "Olympic" proportions

Mar 22nd 2008 10:37PM You know, there are different preferences to how people want to use the toilet. When you are in a different country, you just may learn that they have a different way of doing things. Even if they are not to your liking. Sure, the "squat toilets" are not to my liking; but if that is what they use there, then that is what they use. It is good that the Chinese are making changes since there will be so many people coming to their country for the Olympics; it shows that they are concerned what people from other countries will think about their country. It is just history that not all countries like the way a different country does something. So, if you come home after the Olympics, you can enjoy your personal toilets. The way you prefer. ^_^

Doctor Uses Electric Drill to Remove Brain Tumor

Mar 19th 2008 3:33PM Wow, talk about some trust here! I'd be a little bit on the nervous side lol!

You want to return what? Finnish library book checked out over 100 years

Mar 14th 2008 10:28AM Wow, what an interesting morning lol! Math that stems from an overdue library book article lol! ^_^

Um, I think I got out a Goosebumps book about 13 years ago and I have no idea how much the late charges are...too bad the dog seriously DID eat this one lol! Darn those sheepdog mixes lol! Hungry all the time :)

Is it a Fear or a Phobia?

Mar 7th 2008 12:17AM Is there a phobia for not being able to be up high without knowing if you are supported or not? I can't climb ladders unless I know that it is bolted down; I can't get off at the top unless someone helps me. I can't look down and I especially can't look up. Looking up scares me even worse for some reason. I couldn't climb the second set of bleachers in my high school's gym without someone being at the top for me. If I looked up? I would get dizzy and almost fall backwards. Same with stairs. If there is no banaster I freak out if I don't feel supported. When I was younger I actually used to climb them instead of walk up them so I wouldn't fall backwards from watching where I was actually going. Has anyone else been like this before?


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