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Antonio Banderas absent for part of Melanie's battle with addiction

Sep 24th 2011 9:39AM it's hard to read Melanie's comments without feeling so much anger for all of the addicts I've met in my life. They do so much damage to everyone around them, whine about thier disease, blame others, feel such pity for only me me me, that they CAN'T feel the pain they are causing others. Disease possibly. But I've yet to meet the addict who isn't incredibly self absorbed. The pain they cause others? It's nothing to them because they are always saying to themselves, "what about ME???"
We've all got our crosses to bear. There are people out there missing legs and arms, dealing with genetic diseases, survivors of child abuse and other horrors that life has dealt them, yet they move forward. Too many addicts believe the pc hype, you poor thing, this is a disease! It's just like Cancer and you wouldn't be mad at yourself for having Cancer would you?" I've actually heard this spoken to an addict who had messed up his whole family, they were all not speaking to each other becasue of things he did. But it wasn't his fault he reasoned. He had a disease. The three active alcoholics that I know are unemployed, have lost thier homes but still have enablers all around them, and will not get any better.
Antonio could have been out the door a long time ago. Poor whiney Melanie. I thought that voice was just part of her act.

Cheap Trick: Turn an Empty Cereal Box into a Drawer Organizer

Mar 8th 2010 7:58PM I never throw away my shoe boxes. They are sturdy and I put them in my top drawer. Socks go in one or two, delicates in another one or two and the drawer always stays neat. The top drawer on most dressers is usually smaller and the perfect size for these shoe boxes.

Who Knew 'Die Hard' Would Die This Way?

Jun 29th 2007 8:28PM Come on kiddies, the liberal media is at it again., It's come out recently that Bruce Willis voted for our current seated president, that's a Hollywood-lib world- no no. So the libs HAVE to slam the movie. Of course the movie is good, it's like the others, same formula and same kick A#$ leading man. Bruce isn't much different in real life. Leads his life by his own rules, and doesn't let the uber lefties force him to the left. He also recently appeared on O'Reilly, another no no to the ultra left media. Pick up the book Biased to get an idea of what's really going on in the media. And always-make up your own mind!


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