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12 grocery items nutrition experts would never buy

Oct 22nd 2010 10:57AM Turkey ANYTHING is NOT better for you...where do people get this idea??? I work in a deli w/ no msg, no nitrate, "healthy" turkey breast...AND guess what???? More FAT comes out of that turkey breast than out of regular bologna.. Lean beef is the one with the least amount of fat. (When sliced, fat leaves traces of a white creamy substance on the edges of the meats)

Is Obesity Passed Down From Parents?

Jul 19th 2009 11:34AM You are so wrong.....there are people who eat very little and still will never be thin...I went through duodenal switch gastric bypass, I spent 3 wks in hosp, 4 months w/ nurse everyday.

After five yrs, I can still not eat a whole hamburger, salad, etc. It takes me 3 hrs to eat a yoplait yogurt. And I will never be smaller than a women's XL.

Even with swimming, daily. no matter what, I stay the same. SO KEEP YOUR BIGOTRY TO YOURSELF.

Mayor defends city buying himself a gas guzzling Hummer

Jan 13th 2009 1:41PM I have lived in Chicago and NW Indiana ALL my life.....when I was a small child what we called the WEIRDO Pol-locks (as compared to normal Polish like my mom) NEXT door neighbors turned out to be Rod Blajogovich (You know who I mean).

Then I moved and lived near Judy Barr Topinka who lost the governors race to Roddy. I was watching this from Indiana where I live across the street, and I mean ACROSS the street from Cook County Illinois.......

Laughing all the way as I watched because no one can trust ANY of the politicos........Including Illinois' Obama.....a buddy of Rudy Clay.....they appeared together more than once.

In mileage, Obama & Roddy iare about 20 miles from Rudy Clay.

There are generations of democrat corruption in NW Indiana and Illinois. NO DEMOCRAT HERE GETS ELECTED WITHOUT IT.

THINK ABOUT THIS ON JANUARY 20th, when, the until a few years ago unknown, Obama.....gets sworn in. Corruption got him elected Senator so corruption gets him sworn in on the 20th.

Mayor defends city buying himself a gas guzzling Hummer

Jan 13th 2009 1:26PM I can only say, as a resident of NW Indiana that goes miles out of the way to AVOID Gary, He needs this vehicle in Gary....with bullet proof glass and armor plate......maybe he bought the combat model?????

Dress code violation - Bald kid told to lose the hat

Sep 12th 2008 2:47PM This child needs an IEP plan and 504 plan.......his handicap due to illness excludes him from the school dress code. THIS IS A Federal LAW.....go to your state board of education immediately.

If the school cannot accomodate this child they MUST PAY for an appropriate educational facility for him, even if it is a private school.

Five year old leaves daycare, hits local Hooters

Jul 28th 2008 8:02PM This reminds me of what we went through with our son............When my son was 3 yrs old, he climbed through the windows at school, a regular school for at-risk kids (He has ADHD). If anyone turned their back on Ryan, he was gone. He was only there for 2 hours a day, but would escape at least five times a day.

Until he went on ADHD Medication. Then he could do a puzzle or hear a story.

At home, we had extra locks at the TOP of the doors from the time he could walk. At 15 months, he learned to get a broom and hit the handle up at the lock until it opened. We could not leave him for even a minute or he was gone.

My husband thought I was making this up until.......

Twice while my husband was home with Ryan, he escaped and the police brought Ryan back. He had only made it 1/2 block but he made it.

He could also climb straight up the brick exterior of our house using his little fingers and shoes. I mean six feet up in a matter of seconds using the mortar spaces. We had to grab him fast before he got to high to reach.

I thought about putting him in little lead boots for many, many years. Or handcuffing him to my wrist. Thank god it finally stopped when he was about 15.

Dollar store sales thriving in tough retail times

Jul 24th 2008 5:37PM Well, SOME dollars stores must have problems.........The one closest to my house is now charging $1.10 for items. And the .10 is in teeny tiny letters.

The Wal-Mart Weekly: Helping you stretch your dollars with a new website

May 19th 2008 4:07AM I have found, during the past month, Walmart's prices to be much HIGHER than the competition: Meijer, Target, Walgreens, & local grocery stores by a fairly high number: not just higher by a few cents, but in many cases by over a dollar.
Walmart's milk prices for example were much higher. Cereal was higher, soft drinks, even paper towels. Even M& M's were $1.29 higher for a medium size bag at walmart compared to Walgreens.
Over the counter medications and vitamins were cheaper at Meijer.
I think when they started the $4.00 prescription dug deal, they raised the prices of everything else.
It used to be you could count on walmart for the best deal--NOT ANYMORE--if you don't know your prices, DO NO GO TO WALMART. I don't have time to waste, so I will go to Meijer.
PS. I have family in walmart management & I still am done shopping there

Comebacks we'd like to see: #2 -- The in-store lunch counter

May 19th 2008 4:03AM My first job, at $2.20 per hour, was at the Woolworth's lunch counter at Cermak Plaza in Berwyn, IL....later made famous by the cars on a spire "sculpture" fetured in the movie Wayne's World.

I basically learned to cook at Woolworth's, my mom was the original health-concious mom who knew about "bad " cholesterol decades before everyone else. We only ate food that was healthy in our house.

All the great American foods like greasy cheesburgers, patty melts, tuna melts, BLT's, banana splits, real milkshakes & sodas. We parially cooked the bacon in the deep fryer then finished it up on the grill. A wonderful concept for a kid never allowed to eat the skin on Kentucky Fried Chicken because it's bad for you.

It was really great to work Sunday...time and a half....$3.30 per hour and usually better tips. Then there was working the snow cone cart out in the heat during summer.

It's a good thing I learned unhealthy food there because I married the King of Junk him the basic food groups are cheeseburgers, pizza, taco & spaghetti. The only "vegetables" he eats are french fries and corn..... and he is still thin after 30 yrs of marriage.

These stores deserve to close

May 5th 2008 4:09PM Macy's.....The World's Most Horrible Store.....took over the wonderful Marshall Field's and in its place--a Store worse than Dollar General in displays and smells, lower than KMart & Walmart in quality.

And thanks to the loyal Marshall Field's clientelle who have put a curse upon them and abandoned shopping Macy stores.... Macy's will be gone as soon as possible, we hope, we hope, we hope.


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