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Maureen Carter

Maureen Carter

Member Since Dec 7th, 2007

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All the World's a Stage: So you want to be a gnome

Sep 16th 2008 9:55PM I too love gnomes! I play them as exclusively as I can considering what class they can be. Alas, they can't be priests. :( My comeback on the gnome punting jokes is just to become an actual ankle biter. Something along the lines of /e bites %t's ankles. CHOMP!!! Then run away giggling in all my pink pig tailed splendor. For some reason it happens to Draenei the most often. :)

The 10 people you need to know in WoW

Sep 4th 2008 6:03PM OMG you are so right! I have an amazing godmode friend who is always willing to come help me. I try not to ask him but when he is bored he will usually come help with anything. He is also my "That guy". :)

WoW Insider and WoW TCG Loot give away a Tabard of Flame

Aug 28th 2008 9:11PM To be or not to be, that is the question

World of WarCrafts: What would Thrall sleep in?

Feb 29th 2008 4:10PM Ok I am ashamed. You are all right Logo was so the wrong word. /cry Let's go with insignia. :)

World of WarCrafts: What would Thrall sleep in?

Feb 29th 2008 4:08PM Out of all of my toons all but one are Alliance, the creator of these sheets happened to have a horde playing boyfriend.

Breakfast Topic: Can gear be too ugly?

Feb 18th 2008 2:53PM I usually leave all my head items turned off because I like to actually see my character. But right now she has a utterly silly eye patch that I absolutely must leave on! It goes so well with the lovely red dress she got from the love is in the air event too. I think I have my town outfit from now on.

World of WarCrafts: Buzzard Bite Wraps

Feb 7th 2008 8:10PM If you want to make this spicier simply get the hot version of taco seasoning or add more than called for.

Does anybody pay attention to World Defense?

Feb 5th 2008 4:15PM I never pay attention to it but I don't have a 70 yet so maybe I will then? I doubt it though.

Real life consumable: Mana Energy Potion

Jan 31st 2008 5:28PM /scared

Well Fed Buff: Tauren Toenails

Jan 31st 2008 4:14PM Who needs someone to eat these with? If you don't then you get them all to yourself! I do but for those of you who don't.


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