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Vanishing America: The Drive-In Theater

Jun 4th 2012 5:21PM In Alaska there is a fly in one. We Still have one here in Dutchess County, New York.

Parents Increasingly Permissive in Letting Underage Kids Use Social Media

May 11th 2011 4:34PM My daughter just told me that she is officially the only 8th grader in her small private school not to have a Face book page. She is also the only one without a cell phone. So what? She has a computer and can chat online with friends. She doesn't "hang out" at the mall or go many places besides youth group at church, or scouting events. Those places have phones, or, if necessary, she can borrow a phone from someone, since everyone else has one. My oldest daughter, now 23, did not get a cell phone until she was a senior in Highschool. When she entered college, we added texting, but she asked us to cancel it, because she didn't use it, and it was silly to pay for it. Parents, stick to your guns! Just say no.

Miscarriage Mourning Lingers, Even After a Healthy Baby is Born, Study Shows

Mar 17th 2011 8:57AM Yes, some women feel terrible loss - for years. But articles like this never touch on the fact that others move on with their lives, and make us feel as if there is something "wrong" with us for not feeling terrible. I had 7 miscarriages. I have three wonderful daughters, ages 22, 14 and 9. Life goes on. I don't remember the dates, or grieve for the children I lost. I rejoice in the children I have. Is there anything wrong with that, or me. NO!

How to Rent Movies With a Very Happy Ending -- Savings Experiment

Mar 3rd 2011 5:44PM You forgot the most obvious freebie- your local public library. They probably have quite a selection in stock, that you can check out for a week for free. Using interlibrary loan (our system has 63 member libraries) you can order anything that any member library has in it's collection, and you can do this online. You have little control about when you will get your movie, but if you always have several in the queue, odds are you will have at least one every weekend. If that fails, then go to plan B - "Red box" or whatever. The selection ranges from current hits to classics to kids to tv series to instructional to great lectures to. . . .

Women Under 30 Losing 'Lady Skills' Like Cooking and Cleaning

Feb 8th 2011 8:10AM I'm 51, my youngest daughter is 9, my oldest is 23. Most of the other moms in my youngest's Girl Scout troop are in their early 30's. These mom, most of whom don't work outside the home, are amazed that I bake from scratch, sew, knit, can, etc. Several told me about a "new" breakfast food they had discovered - cinnamon toast, and that you could buy the cinnamon -sugar at the store! My kids were making and eating this themselves when they were three, and we - gasp- make our own cinnamon sugar. Another time we were doing a craft activity at a nursing home. A twenty something aide was helping us out. It involved a big eyed sewing needle and heavy thread. This young woman held each part and said "I don't know how to thread a needle." I felt like saying, "It's simple. You've probably done something quite like it with your boyfriend." All three of my daughters can use tools and cook, etc. There are no sex segerated jobs. You do what is within your physical capabilities. My oldest has an engineering degree, but was one of the only kids in college who knew how to cook, beyond "add water and microwave." And she does it from a wheelchair with only one hand. She might not be able to physically change a tire on her own car, but she can, and has, told someone else what to do, step by step, as she was taught, and the other person wasn't.

Fixing My Grandmother's Hand Mixer - A Thanksgiving DIY Tale

Nov 23rd 2010 7:33AM I have my mother's (it was her grandmother's) cast iron grinder. I still use it, especially to make cranberry orange relish for the holidays.. There is something about the sound of the berries popping - my 3 daughters love it. The food processor just isn't the same. Yes, it drips on the floor, but - tradition tops the mess. I have actually purchased 2 similar ones at yard sales, so each daughter will eventually have one.

10 Controversial Toys That Won't Be on This Year's Wish Lists

Nov 19th 2010 8:39PM My oldest daughter specifically asked for the playdough drill and fill. She loved it, as did her two younger sisters. They ever figured out how to make braces for the teeth!

Mint Robot Cleaner: We Tried It, You Win It

Sep 27th 2010 11:03PM Sort and pair socks. My oldest daughter wears leg braces and a hand splint, so that's 4 1/2 pairs a day. Add my husbands black socks, which come in several varieties, not quite the same. Then there are the other two daughters (and mine) white gym socks - same sock- different sizes. ANd of course the dryer sometimes eats one or two, just for spite!

The Best Way to Save Food and Store Leftovers -- Savings Experiment

Jul 22nd 2010 1:18PM Canning is great and can be quite easy. High acid foods like tomato sauce, fruits, pickles, jams, etc do not require a pressure cooker, just a boiling water bath. But it is a little more invloved then sticking stuff in a jar, and steilization is necessary (botulism is fatal) . There are many good books out there, or ask around. Someone would love to pass on (probably her) knowledge. I'll be 51 tomorrow and I've been doing it for more than 40 years.

Vanishing in America 2010: New American classics in danger

Jun 5th 2010 6:26PM HC parking usually has meters, if it's street parking, just like everyone else. A HC parking hang tag is not a free pass. The bigger problem can be reaching and or feeding coins into the meter, depending upon the person's actual disability. And yes, a person can safely drive an a adpative car and have fine motor problems that make meters a problem. Card meters can be helpful, unless, as in NYC, the "one per block" or so central parking pay station is at the opposite end of the street from the HC parking.


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