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willow reed

willow reed

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Texas Family Wins Fight Against HOA to Keep Pet Kangaroo

Mar 7th 2012 7:24AM I think Hoa's are worse than anything. The only way to keep on top of their idiocy is to become president of it, then YOU get to be king/queen/whatever of the entire bell-curve of morons. This family might be able to keep the animal.

Boy Born Without Skin Is Wrapped in Bandages Each Day

Jun 29th 2011 3:15PM I wasn't going to reply till I saw Eris's comment. My O MY, I am thinking we are not having a good day, are we? At any rate, Eris, I really hope the rest of your day goes better.

Mom Confesses 'Why I Don't Like My Child' in Magazine

Jun 9th 2011 3:16PM This mother is an idiot. Even worse, the moron that wrote the article got paid for it? What a horrible topic!

Mom Confesses 'Why I Don't Like My Child' in Magazine

Jun 9th 2011 3:14PM What a selfish, ignorant troll of a woman to feel that way about her baby. I hope she is never allowed to have another. NEVER.

Mosquito Prevention: The 10 Most Bizarre Tips

May 31st 2011 5:30PM Paul, I like your idea best.

'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy

May 27th 2011 11:20AM Who cares what their blasted kid is. They could do whatever they want. BUT they are publicizing it. That is my problem. I don't care if they feed their kids lettuce only or paint their nails blue, but if they are going to make a news story out of it, that is wrong. Kids are kids, and as such deserve the appropriate respect. The parents are morons.

'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy

May 27th 2011 11:16AM Frankly, I am glad I am not a man. Except once a month, then I wish I wasn't even human, but outside of that I am glad I am not a man. This stuff about gender is ridiculous. Those kids are just kids, and the parents are setting them up for some difficult times ahead. I know that they don't like "society" and want to change it, but they are, and will be, sacrificing their childrens' well-being in order to (maybe, kinda) affect change. :/ Society's rules will still be around when these pop-tart kids grow up. Then what, will these parents pay for the kids' constant therapy? I hope so.

'Genderless' Baby Raises a Storm of Controversy

May 27th 2011 11:13AM I don't know what to say. These moronic parents are using their children to make a political statement. How absurd. I don't respect their idea. I think its dumb.

Britney Campbell, 8-Year-Old Botox User, Taken Out of Mother's Home (Video)

May 19th 2011 9:20AM NICE...freaking moronic mother does NOT deserve to have a child!

Mom Defends Decision to Give 8-Year-Old Daughter, Britney Campbell, Botox (Video)

May 12th 2011 3:09PM Again, its not a doctor that is administering the injections, its the fat pig of a mother that is doing so. Might want to re-read the article.


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