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Are You Living in One of America's Gayest Places?

Jun 25th 2012 9:10PM Sometimes I am gay...sometimes sober. Most of the time just normal. I detest the loss from the dictionary of a perfectly good word. MLK wrote, "You cannot legislate morality but you can regulate behavior."

Maria Shriver Hides Anger, Puts Kids First

Jun 15th 2011 10:17PM WHAT is the big deal here? This woman has known about the mistress for, what, over a year...and somebody wonders why she isn't consumed with rage??? Get real. Enough manufactured stories!

Would You Drive A Car Made From Bananas?

Mar 31st 2011 5:59PM This concept is hardly new. Of course there was Ford's soybean-resin (alkyd) 1940 prototype sedan. But for a real production vehicle look to the East German Trabant. Detractors can criticize the inefficient engine but the rest of the car did exactly what it was intended to. It was affordable and durable. The bodies were made from recycled vegetable fiber in a non-petroleum, phenolic resin (thermosetting). It was nearly indestructable and could be shredded and fed to animals when irreparably worn out. The plastic body was not much lighter than steel, as in Corvette and other FG vehicles.
This vehicle will have to work VERY hard to achieve substantial weight loss to achieve expected economy.

How to Slim Your Stomach in Spring and Summer Styles

Mar 27th 2011 9:27PM Just got off a trip to Europe. One observation...The price, socially and physiologically, of obesity, has become affordable, and within reach of the average American. I think I saw four slim (not skinny) adults in 10 days.

Photographer and His Kids Send HD Camera and iPhone Into Space

Sep 30th 2010 7:10PM Once again AOL headline writers exaggerate the event for effect. The 100,000 ft altitude, if true, is NOT space, but in the stratosphere. Check the NASA definitions. Space is generally reckoned to be the Exosphere, over 2,000,000 feet.

Kenny McKinley Dies in Apparent Suicide

Sep 21st 2010 11:02AM GRIEF COUNSELORS???
Gimme a break. Here we have what's supposed to be our biggest and toughest Americans,and they are offered help as if they were whining wimps. What is this country coming to?

Build A Castle, and They Will Come

Sep 13th 2010 1:15PM For my project I set my sights a bit lower. I bought an abandoned ruin of a tiny house in our little town in SW France. The structure was built about 1260 and was the town laundry for centuries. I am using medieval building techniques such as mortoise/tenon, columbage, and jettage in the reconstructed house. Due to many factors I must do the entire 5-year project solo. Now, after 2 years I would judge 25% completion. I only am on the job about 25% of the time since I still have a life in Florida.

Townsfolk have made little comment on my efforts, probably due to skpticisn over the nature of the plan presented by the only American in the area. Overall, I am, as young people say, 'stoked' on the project.

Company Designs Standing-Room Airline Seat, But Are There Buyers?

Sep 10th 2010 4:40PM Regarding comfort...the proposed seats are just like semi-standing seats around the apse of a medieval cathedral for top church officials. In an effort to make those in the congregation THINK all the prelates are paying attention, these built-in wooden chairs have swinging bottoms that are just big enough to give some support to standees when released. When they are permitted to really sit down, the seat bottom is brought up and latched. I have tried the seats and find them reasonably comfortable (in the standing position) for up to half an hour.

Ryanair CEO questions the need for the co-pilot - wants to replace them with flight attendants

Sep 7th 2010 10:50AM This discussion sounds SO the one when the dastardly airlines proposed to eliminate Flight Engineers. Based on 'pilot error' statistics, I sometimes think a new butt in the right seat would be a good thing. In addition, the next generation ATC will dramatically reduce pilot workload. By the way it is factually incorrect to refer to all flight attendants as 'her'.

This proposal may sound extreme but is very reasonable, unless one happens to be a pilot. Another idea would to give ticket discounts on single-pilot flights to licensed or even retired pilots; military, commercial, or private, to have even more potential substitute drivers.

Life in the Slow Lane: A Barge Cruise in France

Jun 29th 2010 7:45PM The site says for the 13 passenger vessel $40,000. I don't know how long is the cruise but probably a week.


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