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Senate Votes to Bring Health Care Reform Bill to Floor

Nov 21st 2009 11:03PM I would say that our entire health care system from insurance companies to great big medical companies needs to be better regulated, no one should have to fear going bankrupt and to the poor house for getting sick. To me the right to life takes and quality medical care is a right, these guys have even gone so far as to change the Hypocratic Oath to cover their actions.

Woman Terminates Adoption Because She Can't Bond With The Child

Oct 1st 2009 8:08PM WHAT??? Blaming a baby!!!!??? for her own shortcomings, closer to the truth appears to me to closer to she could not care for 6 kids and made a mistake adopting him...I have many thoughts and words that could express my outrage but my Mother taught me better than to use such words in public.

Miley's TCA Pole Dance Too Much?

Aug 15th 2009 4:35PM There are worse things out there to be seen by all at the mall, at the beach and all over, my granddaughter adores Hanna Montana and Miley. Most of the works done by her and her crew are very good in my opinion, my granddaughter would say that all of Hanna Montana's work is great. (I think it is great to be 5 ;) I look forward to seeing what adulthood holds for this young lady and I hope that she fairs better than many child stars who came before her.

NAACP Fights to Save Troy Davis As Time Runs Out

Jun 25th 2009 8:57PM It is far better to let 100 guilty men go free than to execute 1 innocent man. I do not remember who wrote that but is is true no the less. A new trial should be held, and if they execute an innocent man when evidence should have been heard to save him those responsible are guilty of murder

Autistic child kicked off flight

Jun 25th 2008 11:27PM Makes me wonder, why are they kicking so many innocent people off flights. Now they want the screeners in police style uniforms to create the illusion of authority in the airport.
These jerks need to treat people with dignity and respect, a mother traveling with her child should be given some respect, perhaps she should have let the airline know that she was traveling with a disabled person, but, it still appears that the airline too it too far. In my opinionm the airlines with the most complaints of this nature will cease to exhist.

Cheerios are far more than just a tasty breakfast food

Aug 22nd 2007 8:20AM Like several other posts I used Cheerios to toilet train my son, now, 20 years later he can still hit the inside of the bowel every time, (his fiance sure appreciates it LOL)
The basis for the toilet targets that came out many years ago were almost certainly Cheerios.
I also love them with milk and sugar (unused of course)
Other uses include, pie crust, use in place of Rice Crispies in treats (I also add M&Ms or Reeses pieces to these), honey nut blend makes a great salad topper and can be used in any of the above uses).
Have fun with your food, experiment. Include your kids and grandchildren, good eating habbits start young.

Toddler Dials 911 From Cell Phone 287 Times

Jul 17th 2007 8:09PM This crap ties up EMS and is not cute.
Buy the kid a toy phone if you must or do what I did and teach your kids that the telephone is NOT a toy

Toddler Dials 911 From Cell Phone 287 Times

Jul 17th 2007 8:01PM My brother once called overseas when he was 2 and talked about 5 minutes, my mom punished him because "the telephone is not a toy" They sell some really realistic and nice play phones at Walmart. Watch your kid better schmuck

Drive a white car? You're less likely to die in a car crash

Jul 13th 2007 12:11AM I drive a white Chrysler Concorde, which replaced a red Intrepid that ended up totaled in a wreck, (not my fault) the red Intrepid was virtually the same car as my current Concorde and I have personally noticed that both statistics regarding red cars attracting more attention (for potential tickets and accidents) and white cars being safer are in fact quite true, my driving has not changed, but I have noticed that the way other drivers see me has.
Red seems to equal race or wreck to some, too many bulls on the road I guess.


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