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Virginia Fusco

Virginia Fusco

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Adele 'Ordered to Stop Singing and Avoid Talking' for a Month

Jun 21st 2011 4:26AM I could hear from her voice that she was a heavy smoker, just like whoopie golberg... SUCH a TURN OFF !!!

Neil Patrick Harris: Expect 'Spider-Man' Jokes at Tonys, Just No Tights

Jun 12th 2011 8:57AM I remember as a parent, as soon as you tell people that your kid sleeps all night, it puts a jinx on it. Nothing lasts, good or bad...

Scout Willis Shows College Dorm Room to StyleLikeU

May 17th 2011 4:58AM Everybody knows candles are not allowed in dorm rooms.

Source: Sarah Ferguson Told to 'Disappear' on Royal Wedding Day

Apr 30th 2011 8:22AM Friends of Diana's were invited. Fergie was a close friend of Diana. period.

LeAnn Rimes Fires Back at Reports Claiming She Is Too Thin

Apr 6th 2011 2:48PM Her crankiness and defensive attitude SPEAKS VOLUMES...

Reese Witherspoon's Wedding to Be 'Intimate' Affair

Mar 20th 2011 12:27PM Second marriages, when you have children already, should be LOW KEY...imagine how painful for the children, seeing their mother marry a different man from their father. People just don't think...selfish.

Crystal Bowersox Discusses Married Life, 'Farmer's Daughter,' Diabetes and Wanting to Get 'Knocked Up'

Feb 26th 2011 4:20PM NEW RULE: no more saying "knocked up" for getting pregnant. Bringing a new life into the world is sacred !!

Oh Ricky, You Weren't Fine: Gervais Banned From Globes Hosting Duties?

Jan 18th 2011 7:05AM That is british humour.
The Irish traditionally make jokes about horrible tragedies like tsunami's and floods.


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