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Kelly Osbourne Puts Down Sick Dog, Noodles

Jun 16th 2011 10:42PM It's understandable that she would be mixed up. He whole family was born with a brain defect. Sadly, I think the dog is fine. Can anybody save the pooch?

Makeover My Mom: One Super Hot Mama

Aug 14th 2010 2:38AM She may "feel hot", but that's because we are all on our way to hell.................soon.

Mel Gibson Files Restraining Order Against Ex-Girlfriend

Jun 25th 2010 10:33AM He should file a restraining order against booze and drugs as well.

Home Ec: 5 Things You Should Never Vacuum

Mar 11th 2010 8:54AM This guy has no idea what he is saying. Number one should be a cat. Believe me, I know.

Pete Doherty Says Gigs Were Cancelled Due to Heart Scare

Nov 28th 2009 9:52AM A heart problem? What about his missing brain problem?

Viagra meets its match: Sex pills for the female libido are on their way

Nov 14th 2009 10:32AM Estrogen has some role in sex drive, but testosterone is the major mediator un sex drive in both males and females. Some women's sex drive increases with menopause because the adrenal glands produce the testosterone in women and the ovaries and uterus produce less estrogen. The drop in estrogen lest the testosterone take over. The problem is that men have a greater sex drive than women. Add relationships issues, and you end up with a big, old ,goofy world.

Sammy Sosa Responds to Bleaching Allegations

Nov 11th 2009 4:16PM All I have to say is, imagine how skinny Jacko would have been had he not been on steroids.

Video: Levi Johnston Says He's Holding Back 'Huge' Things About Sarah Palin

Oct 28th 2009 7:37PM I think the kid was confused. Sarah Palin was likely referring to him not her kid!

Boeing's earnings miss and lowered guidance mean time for a CEO change

Oct 21st 2009 10:51AM I got into BA at 90 it ran up to 105. I sold pretty close to 105. Then I watched it tank. At 75, I thought it was a good price to get in again. Oops! I should have bought more at the bottom, but I was buying better stocks at the bottom. I got a carbuncle call BA. I think you know where.

Manu Chao Records Album With Psychiatric Ward Patients

Aug 31st 2009 11:35PM I think Daniel Johnston has already pulled this one off.


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