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The Best Handmade Holiday Gift I Ever Received

Dec 18th 2010 5:15AM I love your story and I love anything having to do with the needlearts and crafts. I learned to knit at the knee of a wonderful woman who lived in the apartment upstairs from us when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Although she was not related to me, I very lovingly referred to her as "Aunt Teresa". She had a warm smile and an inviting way about her. She would welcome me with open arms which incircled me with each of my "knitting lessons" so that we were both facing my knitting. I'm near 70 years old now and to this day, I can hear her soft voice. Almost feel the warmth of her arms around me, as she guided me thru every stitch until I could manage a few on my own. She was so proud of me when I got to the point that I could "roughly" knit small squares on my own!! Because of "Aunt Teresa", I feel very content whenever I pick up my knitting needles. I have two sons and now, one little granddaughter. My sons were never interested in learning those crafts so I look forward to the day that I can show my granddaughter all of the wonderful things she may want to knit for herself. She is only 2 now but, day!!


May 23rd 2010 2:23PM This is WONDERFUL! I smiled all thru it and can hardly wait until my 2 year old granddaughter is old enough to do this. I LOVE IT!!!

Hot or Not: Rihanna's New Year

Jan 5th 2010 5:50PM I don't care much for Rihanna but I LOVE HATS!! It would be great to see them more style in our everyday fashions, veils and all! I believe we could benefit from a renewed classy, more modest look in our dressing in general.

Baby Man

Jul 22nd 2007 4:32AM This baby looks healthy and happy. He appears to be smiling several times so, I don't know what some of you are reading into this video but I do not see any abuse here. I think the baby is adorable and at his age, he will never remember any of this but just think of the laughter from him when he is a little older and can see himself all decked out as "baby man". Babies are very resilient and he is not being harmed in any way that I can see. Lighten up folks! Life's too short to see so much negativity in a video meant to be fun for us to view and later fun for the baby and the parents to all see and enjoy later together!


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