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The Daily Fix: Repair a Leaky Fridge

Jul 24th 2010 10:58AM Well said! "fix it with a keystroke" is dead on!

Hot Seat: Hillary Clinton's Priority?

Jun 7th 2008 2:26PM Very interesting with the Wyoming there an explaination for that?

In pictures: Your favorite celebs' weight fluctuates too

Aug 17th 2007 6:57PM It is scary that this country is teaching itself that fat is the norm. All starts with the kids.

How to paint your office smoking area

Jul 22nd 2007 9:06PM Let's put pictures of fat people in our offices as OBESITY is the #1 cause of most deaths. Face it, if smoking was so bad.......there would be more hospitals than McDonald's in the US. Also, don't forget........stay off the freeways. You might be involved in a second-hand fatal crash.


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